Canadian System of National Accounts 2012 Historical Revision

Statistical revisions are carried out regularly in the Canadian System of National Accounts (CSNA) in order to incorporate the most current information (from censuses, annual surveys, administrative statistics, public accounts, etc.) and to improve estimation methods. Regular annual revisions are limited to a few years. Periodically, the CSNA undergoes a historical or comprehensive revision.

Historical revisions are much broader in scope than regular revisions and are reserved for incorporating conceptual, classification, presentational and major statistical changes. Within the CSNA these revisions have taken place at about ten- to fifteen-year intervals and affect a long economic time series. The last such revision was implemented in 1997 (CSNA97). Data pertaining to the upcoming historical revision will start to be released in October of 2012 (CSNA2012). This will be Statistics Canada's last ‘big bang’ approach to historical revisions.

Future historical revisions will be implemented in a staggered fashion (generally every 3 to 4 years), setting priorities and targeting important changes. Under this flexible mode, Statistics Canada will introduce improvements which reflect emerging economic issues in the national accounts as and when feasible. This strategy furthers the Statistics Canada policy of maintaining the accuracy and relevancy of its economic accounts. Statistics Canada will keep clients up-to-date by announcing planned changes in the CSNA well in advance of the releases.

The following links provide information to help data users understand and prepare for these changes.

Papers and notes CSNA2012

Presentation of data CSNA2012


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