Government Finance Statistics

The Canadian government finance statistics program is designed to measure and analyze the economic dimensions of the public sector of Canada, including its profile. The economic dimensions that are measured consist of revenue, expenditures and the resulting surplus or deficit, financial assets and liabilities and net financial worth or net financial debt position. In order to properly measure the public sector, an up-to-date profile of the public sector universe must be maintained.

The public sector can be divided into two distinct groups. The first is general government, which includes all entities such as government departments, agencies or funds, which political authorities at the federal, provincial, territorial and local levels use to implement government social and economic policies. General government can be broken down into five subsectors (federal, provincial and territorial, local, Aboriginal and social security funds). The second group of units are government business enterprises, or public corporations.

The strength of the government finance statistics framework lies in the fact that it encompasses a set of interrelated statements that integrate flows and stock positions for different levels of government and government business enterprises… (more)

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