Requests for information – Crime and justice

Under the authority of the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is hereby requesting the following information which will be used solely for statistical and research purposes and will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act and any other applicable law. This is a mandatory request for data.

Crimes and offences

Police calls for service to inform opioid related overdoses

What information is being requested?

The data being requested pertain to police services in the region of Simcoe-Muskoka, Ontario for service relating to opioid overdoses.

The data are being requested to identify police attended overdoses and to examine the history of police contacts with groups of individuals, including minors, who experienced an opioid overdose.

What personal information is included in this request?

This request contains personal information such as first name, last name, aliases, sex, birthdate, civic address, postal code, and telephone numbers; as well as information related to the suspected overdose incident including whether the individual was criminally charged, and the history of police contacts of the individual.

Personal identifiers including first and last name, aliases, sex, birthdate, address information, and telephone numbers are required to perform data linkages, for statistical purposes only. Once the data are linked the personal identifiers will be replaced by an anonymized person key.

For more information, see the supplement to Statistics Canada's Generic Privacy Impact Assessment for this request.

Narcotics, Substance Use, and Community Well-Being Initiative

What years of data will be requested?

January 2015 to June 2019

From whom will the information be requested?

Provincial and municipal police services in the region of Simcoe-Muskoka, Ontario

Why is this information being requested?

Statistics Canada is responding to the needs of federal, provincial and municipal stakeholders, such as the Simcoe-Muskoka Opioid Strategy (SMOS) group, who have asked for help in understanding the primary risk factors of the population most at-risk of a drug overdose. The information requested will be used to generate statistics to meet these data needs.

These statistics will help inform the categorization of the opioid crisis in this Ontario community and to add to the body of knowledge surrounding the social determinants of the opioid crisis. The resulting non-confidential statistics may be used by the police in efforts to fully understand the roots of the opioid crisis, the primary risk factors, and those who may be most at risk of opioid overdose, in order to identify and act on opportunities for intervention.

Statistics Canada will use this information for statistical and research purposes.

Why were these organizations selected as data providers?

These types of organizations collect and maintain up-to-date data on police calls for service.

When will this information be requested?

July 2020

When was this request published?

July 21, 2020

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