Requests for information – Education, training and learning

Under the authority of the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is hereby requesting the following information which will be used solely for statistical and research purposes and will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act and any other applicable law. This is a mandatory request for data.

Elementary and secondary education

Elementary-secondary (K-12) student data in British Columbia

What information is being requested?

Statistics Canada is requesting updated administrative records from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

The Agency holds administrative records for elementary and secondary students in British Columbia for the 1991/1992 to 2018/2019 academic years. These administrative records include information about students' demographics (e.g. age, language spoken at home, whether the student had a special need), school information (e.g. school name, school district), enrolment information (e.g. whether the student was enrolled in a French Immersion program), Foundational Skills Assessment scores, secondary school academic performance, graduation information (e.g. year and month of graduation, diploma type) and information about students' neighborhood from the 2016 Census of Population.

For this request, Statistics Canada will be receiving updated administrative records, including new records for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic years.

These updated student records will include information about student course marks. Previously received administrative records include the number of attempts a student made at completing a course and their final mark in both letter grade and percent formats. The updated administrative records will include separate marks for the course work portion and exam portion of the course, each in letter grade and percent format. The list of courses for which these grades are available remains the same — 33 courses at the secondary level. The updated records will also include a flag variable to indicate whether the student took a dual credit course in a given year.

An additional variable will also be included that indicates the top level organization of the school the student attended in the year they were eligible to graduate. The top level organizations include 'External Schools Association', 'Independent Schools Association', 'School board' and 'Unknown'. The requested data will complement data already acquired by Statistics Canada from the British Columbia Ministry of Education on elementary and secondary students.

What personal information is included in this request?

The requested information includes personal identifiers such as students' first name, last name, nickname, gender, date of birth, province, address and postal code. This information is required to perform data linkages, and will be used for statistical purposes only. Once the data are linked, the personal identifiers are replaced by an anonymized person-level key.

What years of data will be requested?

Statistics Canada has requested annual data for the 2018/2019 to 2020/2021 academic year, including additional variables on an annual basis.

Revised files from 1991/1992 to 2018/2019, including the additional variables, are also requested.

From whom will the information be requested?

This information is being requested from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.

Why is this information being requested?

Statistics Canada requested the most recent data in order to derive timely key indicators about education and perform accurate and relevant analysis related to transition to postsecondary education, apprenticeship programs and transition to the labor market. This will be done through the integration of the BC K-12 schooling data with postsecondary student and apprenticeship data to income tax files within the Education and Labour Market Longitudinal Platform.

The additional information on elementary and secondary students will be used by policy makers, researchers and industry stakeholders to make decisions on student programing as they will have a better understanding of the educational pathways of students in British Columbia, including the impact of K-12 schooling on education and labour market outcomes.

Statistics Canada may also use the information for other statistical and research purposes.

Why were these organizations selected as data providers?

The British Columbia Ministry of Education is responsible for collecting and maintaining the Elementary-secondary (K-12) student data in British Columbia.

When will this information be requested?

This information will be requested in June 2021 and onward (annually).

When was this request published?

July 28, 2021

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