Requests for information – Families and households

The Military RHU administrative data file was first considered by Statistics Canada as a potential source to identify military base collective dwellings. After review, it was determined that the file identifies addresses for military private housing and offices that do not meet the definition of a collective dwelling. The file was also evaluated to study the occupancy status of private dwellings. The file covers less than 12,000 private dwellings and the value added would be minimal compared to the effort required to use the file. Also, the dwelling occupancy status model requires a 2016 vintage to evaluate the file against Census data, which is not available. For all these reasons, Statistics Canada decided not to acquire the file.

Under the authority of the Statistics Act, Statistics Canada is hereby requesting the following information which will be used solely for statistical and research purposes and will be protected in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act and any other applicable law. This is a mandatory request for data.


Occupancy data on military housing

Description of data requested

Occupancy data on military housing

Categories of data providers

Other federal government public administration

Personal identifiers are collected


Period of request

December 2019 onwards

Date of publication

November 15, 2019

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