The Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) system

Welcome to the Real Time Remote Access (RTRA) system, enabling fast access to Statistics Canada microdata. The RTRA system is an on-line remote access facility allowing users to run SAS programs, in real-time, against microdata located in a central and secure location. A full range of descriptive statistics are available through the Real Time Remote Access tool. RTRA users can calculate frequencies, means, percentiles, percent distribution, proportions, ratios, and shares.

Researchers using the RTRA system do not gain direct access to the microdata and cannot view the content of the microdata file. Instead, users submit SAS programs to extract results in the form of frequency tables. As RTRA researchers cannot view the microdata, becoming a deemed employee of Statistics Canada is no longer necessary. This relationship is the basis that allows the RTRA to service its clients rapidly.

Statistics Canada has implemented an Electronic File Transfer (EFT) service (available on the Internet only) to enable organizations outside of Statistics Canada to exchange electronic files in a secure manner using the Internet. The RTRA makes use of this application to receive and disseminate files to external users. Login to RTRA and submit programs.

New datasets

May 2019:

  • Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) 2016 – Annual Component
  • Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) 2017 – Disability
  • Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) 2017 – No Disability

January 2019:

  • National Cannabis Survey (NCS) 2018 – Wave 1
  • National Cannabis Survey (NCS) 2018 – Wave 2 (North)
  • National Cannabis Survey (NCS) 2018 – Wave 2 (South)

December 2018:

  • Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) 2017
  • Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) 2017 - Nunavut Inuit Supplement
  • Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) 2017
  • Survey of Household Spending (SHS) 2004
  • Survey of Household Spending (SHS) 2006
  • Survey of Household Spending (SHS) 2008

August 2018:

  • Employment Insurance Coverage Survey (EICS) 2016

July 2018:

  • Canadian Cancer Registry (CCR) 2015
  • Canadian Income Survey (CIS) 2016
  • General Social Survey: Canadians at Work and Home (GSS) 2016
  • Survey of Financial Security (SFS) 2016

Contact the RTRA program

The RTRA program is committed to serving its clients in a prompt, reliable, courteous, and fair manner. While the RTRA system is available at any time, please note that the RTRA staff is available only during normal business hours. We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions regarding performance, operations, and data availability. An RTRA agent can be reached at:

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