Transcript of the chat session on Full-time University and College Academic Staff (FT-UCASS): 2016-2017, which occurred on Friday, January 26, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST

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 Moderator at 01:00:00
Welcome everyone! This is a bilingual chat session, which means that you can submit your questions in English or French. Our experts will respond in a timely manner and in the official language in which the question was asked.

 mhunter at 13:00:32
Will data be available in a format to produce totals by province?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:08:50
Hello @mhunter, Thank you very much for your question. Data are available by province in our CANSIM table 477-0017 and 477-0018. As well, information by province is also available by special request.

 Louise Birdsell... at 13:01:41
how close to a census level is the ucass? who are the full-time below rank faculty? when can we expect the PT-UCASS? how far back does the 2-digit code? what factors are taken into account when developing it (if indeed it was developed later)?

 Moderator at 13:11:46
One of our experts will address this in your other question.

 mhunter at 13:01:05
Will Statistics Canada be using the data at some point to develop and publish a faculty-student ratio by institution and by province?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:13:21
Hello @mhunter,
Thanks again for your question. At this point, we do not have plans to publish a faculty-student ratio by institution and province, since we do not have full information on university faculty. We are currently in consultations to assess the feasibility of collecting information on part-time university faculty, which would be potentially used in such a ratio.

 Louise Birdsell... at 13:00:26
Hello! I have a few questions: how close to a census level is the ucass? who are the full-time below rank faculty? when can we expect the PT-UCASS? how far back does the 2-digit code? what factors are taken into account when developing it (if indeed it was developed later)?

 Michael Martin at 13:16:27
Hi Louise. The UCASS is a census of all public universities. Privately funded universities are excluded. With respect to Part-time, we are currently in consultations to develop the PT part of the UCASS survey after which we will assess feasibility and develop a data collection strategy. The planning is over a three-year span. We’re aiming for 2020. Ranks/level below assistant professor include lecturers, instructors and other teaching staff. Regarding the two-digit code question and factors, could you please clarify your question? Are you referring to CIP?

 KSnow at 13:06:43
When you propose including “college level” instructors, do you mean institutions could choose to submit Trades/vocational instructors as well? Further, how could we all consistently identify these differences in programming? Our institution separates these two groups by union affiliation; could we use this differentiation to select our cohorts?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:18:31
Hello @KSnow,
Thanks very much for your question. After the UCASS survey was reinstated, Statistics Canada was given the mandate to assess the feasibility of collecting information on college level staff. We are currently in consultations with colleges in Canada, to explore how this information could be collected. Trades/vocational instructors are within scope in these consultations and are being considered.

 diane.bedard@vr... at 13:01:38
Hello, What are your main results? Is it possible to receive a resume? Thanks, Diane Laval University

 Michael Martin at 13:20:54

Hello Diane. Thank you for your question. Some key results for 2016 are that the proportion of women in the full-time professoriate is growing and approaching parity. The salary gap between men and women is closing.
Also, the professoriate has aged more over the last 50 years compared with the rest of the Canadian working population.
You can find a resume of this on The Daily, and there are also the CANSIM tables you can look at.

 DanielRobertson at 13:08:35
Because of the difficulty in pinning down full-time faculty in our school of medicine (as opposed to clinicians or part-time faculty), we opted to omit anyone in medicine that is not teaching a class. Is that a reasonable way to proceed?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:22:42
Hi @DanielRoberston,
Great question!! The medical/dental category is a challenging data element to report. Since there are so many ways of addressing this question, I would be pleased to speak with you directly. We will send you an email shortly after the Chat Session to follow up.

 bminaker at 13:08:10
Currently it looks like you mainly focus on salary, age, rank, and gender in your analysis. Are you planning to expand it to other fields and if so when?

 Michael Martin at 13:24:06
Hi There,
Great question @bminaker.
The elements mentioned were chosen for analyses based on the interest of stakeholders and respondents, but there are many other things that can be explored using the UCASS database.
We are currently in consultations to explore the feasibility of adding additional data elements that could facilitate even more detailed analyses. The time frame for this is presently three years.

 KSnow at 13:13:10
In your consultation document you ask about contract teachers with multiple contracts. We currently go by total workload so anyone with FT workload is included regardless of number of contracts or positions. Is this acceptable?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:26:44
Hello again @KSnow,
Thanks again for your question. Just to clarify, are you asking whether anyone with a FT workload regardless of status (PT/FT) should be included in the UCASS submission?

 DanielRobertson at 13:12:03
We had a number of cases where faculty without senior admin. responsibilities had received admin. stipends. We decided to code them as a senior admin. with responsibility of “9” which is kind of the equivalent of “other”. Do you have any recommendations on how to deal with those cases?

 Michael Martin at 13:27:21
Hi @DanielRobertson,
What you are doing (coding as 9) is the best way to deal with these cases. The only caveat is to make sure that these individuals don’t fit in other categories, such as visiting teachers or visiting staff.

 KSnow at 13:15:32
You propose including a Personal ID for individuals. How would these be created? In BC we have a centralized system that created Personal Education Numbers for students. Would there be a similar process for instructors?

 Michael Martin at 13:31:38
Thank you for your question @KSnow
UCASS presently collects a Personal ID. This number currently is a unique identifier produced by the institution and is unique to the institution. This number is commonly an employee ID or another uniquely generated number.

 BrianJ at 13:20:58
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the current UCASS CANSIM table is basically just letting you use and select data based on the data previously published in PDF form. Will extra field options be available to select and use in the CANSIM table? For example, being able to report average salary by department code, year of highest degree, etc.? Or even being able to do a user generated report on overall average salary at an institution excluding the same positions excluded in the per rank averages? Or will these only be available through custom report requests (as they were in the pre-2011 days)? Thanks.

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:35:34
Hello @BrianJ, Thanks for your question. Regarding the CANSIM tables, you will be able to manipulate/filter the data according to the available Add/Remove options in that feature. If you require further details or information, we will contact you after the Chat session regarding your custom request.

 richard royer at 13:20:33
When do you think you will release: - the 2017/2018 university data? - data prior to 2016/2017? - Will college data be included? Richard Royer, MEES

 Michael Martin at 13:35:34
Hello @Richard,
Thank you for your questions. We hope to release the preliminary 2017/2018 data in early April. We cannot yet give a date for the release of the complete data, but we hope to release them this fall.
We are currently working on the data from 2011/2012 to 2015/2016, and we are trying to release them as quickly as possible this year. For previous years, tables 477-0017 and 477-0018 are available online and go back as far as 1970. If you want data that are not in these tables, they are available through general enquiries.
For college data, we are in consultations and a first release is expected for 2020.

 KSnow at 13:21:00
The process for assigning workload for part-time instructors happens semester by semester. Therefore, at the time of submission, our PT instructors have not yet been scheduled so we are not able to accurately know their total workload. It would be more accurate for us to either have an ‘older’ timeframe/scope that would include the prior spring or have a later submission time that could include the current spring. Would you consider your timing or changing the period of Prior Aug to next July?

 Michael Martin at 13:37:18
That is a very good question @KSnow. We are certainly aware that the collection period for PT will need to be different than it is for FT. This is something that has come up in consultations, and we will consider this more closely once we begin developing a collection strategy after the consultations end later this year.

 DanielRobertson at 13:16:37
We had some debate over the sentence in the UCASS manual that says to include “All academic staff within faculties (colleges, schools, etc.) who are full-time teachers, researchers (meeting with above criteria), and/or senior academic staff, i.e., Deans, Chairperson, Directors etc.” Some interpreted this as meaning that Senior Admin. who do not teach might be able to be excluded from the count. Or, it could mean that it is full-time teachers OR Senior Admin. (regardless of teaching assignment) that are included. Do you mind weighing in on the intent of this inclusion criterion?

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:37:59
Hello @DanielRoberston,
Good question! The purpose of the UCASS is to collect information on full-time academic teaching staff at Canadian universities. Full-time research staff that have an academic rank and a salary scale similar to teaching staff are also included. Administrators solely responsible for university administration (i.e., presidents, vice-president, registrar, etc.) are excluded.

 Louise Birdsell... at 13:18:35
Thanks Michael! Regarding the FT lecturers, instructors and other teaching staff included in below rank, are these typically teaching stream positions? Do they ever include FT lecturers and instructors who work on a per-course basis? This speaks to KSnow’s question as well. Yes, re: 2-digit, I was referring to CIP. Thanks!

 Michael Martin at 13:41:43
Hi again Louise,
Teaching stream positions can be found in all ranks (including the rank below assistant), assuming that the faculty member is full-time, on contract of 12 months or greater.
With regards to your CIP question, presently, the UCASS data are coded to CIP2000 going back to 1970. We are currently examining updating the UCASS data with the CIP2016, but we do not yet have a timeframe for this.

 Moderator at 13:18:42
Our experts are working hard to answer your questions. Thank you for your patience!

 Louise Birdsell... at 13:32:26
Sorry - a further clarification to my question about the CIP code - does it extend all the way back to the first UCASS, and where can I find information about changes over time, etc.? Thanks again.

 Moderator at 13:43:08
Our expert has addressed this in your other question.

 KSnow at 13:31:10
Teresa, I was asking my question in regard to the question ‘D’ under Defining PT Workload in your consultation document. Currently, we use total hours to determine if an individual is eligible for the cohort regardless of number of PT contracts.

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:43:35
Hi @KSnow,
Thank you for your clarification. Any staff that have a contract of fewer than 12 months in the FT-UCASS survey should be excluded. If you are aggregating the total number of hours of a part-time instructor and it sums to a full workload, then this should not be included in the FT-UCASS report. I would be pleased to further discuss this with you outside of this Chat Session.

 KSnow at 13:40:44
I’m not sure if it would be helpful to institutions to have totally different submissions/specs for the multiple cohorts. It may be too much workload to separately prepare 4 different cohorts. Can we discuss this more through additional consultation?

 Michael Martin at 13:46:59
Hi again @KSnow. The consultation process is still underway, and any suggestions are still welcome. We have not yet made any formal decisions about the specific collection strategy we will use.

 Moderator at 13:41:01
Time for more questions, keep them coming!

 Louise Birdsell... at 13:46:48
This may have been addressed in another question, but just in case it was not: will future UCASS include data on racialized faculty, and other equity seeking groups? What about disability info?

 Michael Martin at 13:52:54
Hi Louise,
Equity information, including visible minority, gender, Indigenous, and people with disabilities, has been identified by a number of stakeholders as an important information need. This topic has been included in our consultation discussions, and we are examining the feasibility of collecting this information through the UCASS or whether another data collection strategy is possible.

 BrianJ at 13:46:00
Hi. I don’t think my question was understood. I guess to follow-up, I meant will additional fields be added to 477-0123 to add-remove beyond the ones that are there? The ones that are there are quite limited compared to what the underlying data might actually allow. I’d love to see “Department Code” and other fields added to the add-remove. I think my question was actually similar to bminaker’s question anyway, and I think Michael is basically saying it will be maybe 3 years until extra fields are available to use? Thanks.

 Teresa Omiecinski at 13:55:42
Hi @BrianJ!
Thanks for the clarification!! We do not have plans to add more data elements to the CANSIM table 477-123. The UCASS survey collects 27 different data elements, and we have tried as much as possible to include them in the three CANSIM tables that use these data (477-0017, 477-0018 and 477-0123). We are always open to suggestions from our users, as to what else they would like to see in our CANSIM tables. However, the information that you mention on Department can always be provided through a special request.
What Michael is referring to is that we are currently in consultations to assess whether additional data elements should be added to the survey. This could take up to three years before a final decision is made on which additional ones will be added.

 KSnow at 13:51:39
As the definition of gender is expanding, so will the options for response. Will options be expanded? The BC Registrars have made recommendations for student gender reporting and consistency would be good.

 Michael Martin at 13:57:30
Hi again @ksnow
Great question!
Statistics Canada is currently examining this issue.
The working group that is looking at this is exploring developments across the country. Once a formal Statistics Canada Standard has been developed, we will be implementing this for the UCASS.

 Moderator at 14:00:00
The chat session is now over. Thank you for your questions and comments! If our experts did not have a chance to respond to your question, we will follow-up with you by email in the next few business days. The full transcript of this chat session will be made available on our website shortly. Have comments or feedback about our Chat with an Expert events? Email us at Have a great day!

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