2016 Census jobs for all Canadians

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Release date: February 29, 2016
2016 Census jobs for all Canadians - Transcript

Description of visuals

(Image starts in the sky above a neighbourhood of townhomes and swoops down to follow a boy on a skateboard who crosses the street and passes a girl on a bicycle.)

Building a strong community in the modern world may seem difficult. But little things we do everyday can make a difference.

(A man, his daughter and their dog walk past the students then a neighbour walks up to a senior man clipping his trees and they talk.)

My neighbour just applied for a census job. Maybe I should too.

(The camera pulls up and looks down on the neighbourhood. We see the url www.census.gc.ca/jobs)

All these Canadians are making a difference in their community by getting involved in the 2016 Census.

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