2016 Census jobs for students

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Release date: February 29, 2016
2016 Census jobs for students - Transcript

Description of visuals

(Image starts in the sky above a neighbourhood of townhomes and swoops down to follow a boy on a skateboard who crosses the street and passes a girl on a bicycle.)

Building a strong community in the modern world may seem difficult. But little things we do everyday can make a difference.

(A young student runs out of the house across the street to sit down next to his student friend working on his laptop and they talk.)

I heard there's 35,000 Census jobs available all across Canada. Maybe that's how I'll make the extra cash for school.

(The camera pulls up and looks down on the neighbourhood. We see the url www.census.gc.ca/jobs)

All these Canadians are making a difference in their community by getting involved in the 2016 Census.

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