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  • Articles and reports: 11F0027M2011075

    Labour productivity growth in the Canadian business sector slowed substantially after 2000. Most of the slowdown occurred in the manufacturing sector. This paper examines how this slowdown was associated with the restructuring that occurred in manufacturing as a result of the increase in excess capacity, the dramatic increase in the Canada-U.S. exchange rate and a slowdown in export growth.

    Release date: 2011-12-12

  • Articles and reports: 11-622-M2011021

    Do exporters and foreign-controlled establishments pay their workers higher wages than non-exporters and domestic-controlled establishments? This paper draws on an employer-employee dataset to explore the existence of exporter and foreign-controlled wage premiums in the Canadian manufacturing sector.

    Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) are central to the process of globalization. Over the last 50 years, advocates of greater trade and FDI liberalization have been guided by the notion that removing barriers to both stimulates economic growth. An extensive body of work using newly available micro-data files has emerged comparing the productivity levels of exporters against those of non-exporters, and of foreign-controlled firms against those of domestic firms.

    Release date: 2011-08-26

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2011088

    This study reviews status and trends for the manufacturing sector in 20010. It analyses major provincial and industry shifts in production and puts them in the context of major socio-economic drivers such as employment, productivity, prices and exports.

    Release date: 2011-06-20

  • Articles and reports: 21-006-X2008006

    This study examines the recent changes in the number and types of manufacturing firms in rural and small town areas; identifies the number and change in manufacturing firms that are part of the value chain of a resource sector; and examines the number and change in manufacturing firms located in rural resource-reliant communities.

    Release date: 2011-06-10

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