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  • Journals and periodicals: 51F0009X

    Since September 11, 2001, important changes in the financial and operating statistics of airline activities in Canada have taken place. In particular, most airline companies have seen a deterioration of their financial positions and the number of flights and of seats available have generally decreased while security measures have increased. The aim of this paper is to examine the post-September 11 aviation market in Canada with respect to one key operating characteristic: the number of flights of airline companies operating in Canada. More specifically, the following questions are addressed: Was there a recovery in airline activities in Canada since September 11? Were all losses in all sectors recovered (domestic, transborder and international)? Were all losses at all airports recovered?

    This paper is divided into three sections: 1. Data sources and limitations, the scope of this research and the methodological approach used are described in the first section. 2. The second section highlights the main results obtained and discusses these results in the context of the recent trends in airline activities in Canada. 3. Lastly, some conclusions are offered, based on the evidence collected and analysed.

    Release date: 2002-12-05

  • Articles and reports: 63F0002X2002041

    This paper analyses the impacts of the 1981-82 and 1990-92 recessions on individual services industries. Quarterly changes in real GDP are analysed for each major services industry, and impacts on employment are also examined. The results show that some services industries are more susceptible than others to recessionary downturns in the economy.

    Release date: 2002-11-06

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