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  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2005032

    This study provides an in-depth analysis of retail trade growth nationally and provincially, and explores the underlying socio-economic-demographic forces since the turn of the millennium. The automotive retail sector is given a closer look because of its ability to dictate retail sales growth during the period. This study uses data from a fleet of Statistics Canada surveys, including Monthly Retail Trade Survey, Provincial Economic Accounts, New Motor Vehicle Sales, Canadian Vehicle Survey, Motor Vehicle Registration, and 2002 Homeowner Repairs and Renovations Survey.

    Release date: 2005-10-17

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2005028

    This study tests the perception that road congestion is growing in Canada, especially with the competition for road space between cars and trucks. It provides a view of the characteristics of the truck and car population on the roads in Canada based primarily on the registration and performance data available from the Canadian Vehicle Survey.

    Release date: 2005-05-13

  • Articles and reports: 11-621-M2005020

    This study examines production and sales trends in automotive and light duty vehicle manufacturing in Canada and the United States from 1999 to 2004. It focuses on production and sales of sport utility vehicles.

    Release date: 2005-02-16

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