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  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X201300711853

    This study uses an area-based approach to identify acute myocardial infarction hospital patients who live in Dissemination Areas with relatively high percentages of First Nations residents. Within the patient cohort, procedures received during the hospital admission were identified.

    Release date: 2013-07-17

  • Articles and reports: 85-002-X201200111715

    This Juristat article presents information on adults in custody and under community supervision in Canada. Short- and long-term trends are explored at both the national and provincial/territorial levels. As well, the characteristics of adults in the correctional system (such as their age, sex and Aboriginal identity) are discussed.

    Release date: 2012-10-11

  • Articles and reports: 11-008-X200800210689

    Using data from the 2007 General Social Survey, this article investigates new national level data on caregiving. It is well established that family and friends provide care to ailing seniors. Focusing on caregivers aged 45 and over, the article examines whether family and friend care differs by the type of health problem the senior has (be it physical or mental), or whether the care was provided to a senior living in a private household or care facility. We also look at who provides care to seniors, which tasks are provided and how often, how caregivers cope, and where they turn in order to seek support. Included is a profile of the seniors 65 years and over with a long-term health problem who were receiving care from these caregivers.

    Release date: 2008-10-21

  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X200800110463

    This article uses a geographic-based approach to estimate life expectancy in areas where at least 33% of residents were Inuit. The data are from the Canadian Mortality Database and the Census of Canada.

    Release date: 2008-01-23

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