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  • Table: 89-541-X

    This publication presents the results of a number of activities and projects undertaken by Statistics Canada to identify the nature and extent of family violence in Canada. It is divided into four chapters: the first chapter presents the prevalence of wife assault and spousal homicide; the second addresses child abuse; the third focuses on the abuse of seniors; and the final chapter reports on criminal justice processing of family violence cases.

    Information on these areas is derived from various national studies, including: a national survey on violence against women; a national survey on transition homes; a survey to examine cases of child abuse reported to pediatric hospitals; a descriptive study of legislation and services provided by provincial child welfare systems; and police reported data on cases of family violence and domestic homicides. Tables, graphs and analysis present the nature and extent of family violence according to the results of the various studies. Also included are brief descriptions of the methodology of each of these studies.

    Release date: 1994-07-20

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