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  • Index and guides: 92-140-X

    Before each Census of Population, Statistics Canada carries out a three- to four-year process to review the content of the census questionnaires in consultation with census data users, performing tests and developing questionnaire content to ensure that it takes into account the evolution of Canadian society. Factors considered in developing the content include legislative requirements regarding information, program and policy requirements; the burden placed on respondents to respond to questions; concerns about privacy; feedback from consultations and tests; data quality; costs and operational considerations; the comparability of data with earlier data and the availability of alternative data sources. Before each census, Statistics Canada tests the questionnaire content through an extensive test. The content report presents the analyses conducted from the data collected from this test and the results that are used to fine tune the questionnaires, the methodology and the systems used for the Census Program.

    Release date: 2016-04-01

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