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  • Technical products: 88-222-X

    This annual publication is based on the Survey of Intellectual Property Commercialization in the Higher Education Sector which tracks the progress of innovation in this area.

    The objective of the survey is to assure the availability of pertinent information to monitor science and technology related activities and to support the development of science and technology policy. The topic studied is intellectual property management at universities and affiliated teaching hospitals. The data are used to determine how to maximize the benefits resulting from public sector research. Data users include the federal and provincial governments and university administrators and researchers.

    Release date: 2010-08-23

  • Technical products: 88F0006X2006011

    Universities and their affiliated research hospitals make an important contribution to innovation in Canada's economy. Besides generating new knowledge and training highly qualified graduates, some of the technology they produce is patented and licensed to companies for incorporation into commercial products. This is the fifth survey of intellectual property commercialization in the higher education sector.

    Release date: 2006-10-04

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