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  • Technical products: 88-222-X

    This annual publication is based on the Survey of Intellectual Property Commercialization in the Higher Education Sector which tracks the progress of innovation in this area.

    The objective of the survey is to assure the availability of pertinent information to monitor science and technology related activities and to support the development of science and technology policy. The topic studied is intellectual property management at universities and affiliated teaching hospitals. The data are used to determine how to maximize the benefits resulting from public sector research. Data users include the federal and provincial governments and university administrators and researchers.

    Release date: 2010-08-23

  • Technical products: 88F0006X2010003

    Design activities are central to firm competitiveness and delivering value-added products. Research has shown that rapidly growing companies attach greater weight to design activities. Through design, firms may improve the user interface and create characteristics that allow them to distinguish their products from those of their competitors. Using the results of the Survey of Advanced Technology 2007, this paper examines the extent of use of design activities among Canadian firms, with a view to explaining factors fostering firms' engagement in design activities. It explores whether design activities are more likely to be carried out in some manufacturing industries than in others. The average size of firms undertaking design activities will also be explored. Characteristics of firms that are likely to spend a greater proportion of their expenditures on in-house design activities versus those who outsource larger percentage of their design work to other firms outside their organizational boundaries will be discussed. This paper will also explore whether firms that have high design intensity are more likely to be innovators. Another area of interest of this paper is the question of whether firms that undertake design activities are more likely to be exporters. Common success factors reported by those firms with high design intensity will also be discussed.

    Release date: 2010-05-25

  • Technical products: 88F0006X2010001

    Summary of the technical workshop on Estimates of Research and Development in the Higher Education Sector (HERD), held in Ottawa on October 16, 2009. Data users and experts from universities and colleges, granting councils and provincial and federal government departments proposed general and detailed recommendations for the methodology applied in estimating the HERD.

    Release date: 2010-02-26

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