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  • Table: 13-009-X20010025894

    In 1994, Statistics Canada published its first estimates of a Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) for the 1988 reference year. In all subsequent work, there has been an ongoing concern on the part of Canadian national accountants with respect to the need for regular updates to the TSA. This article marks the completion of the work involved in updating the TSA for the 1992 reference year and the revisions made to the 1988 year. An analysis of the results as well as a discussion of the structural changes between the two reference years is presented in this paper. In addition, the underlying reasons for the revisions to the previously published 1988 estimates are discussed. A section is also devoted to future developments currently under consideration in the Canadian context, in particular those relating to the development of provincial TSAs for the 1996 reference year.

    Release date: 2001-10-04

  • Table: 13-594-G

    This guide provides indicators that are used to monitor supply, demand and employment for tourism in Canada on a timely basis. The guide provides information on the methods used to derive the supply, demand and employment indicators. It also provides information on the seasonal adjustment method and the derivation of constant dollar series. This guide was commissioned by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), following a pilot project providing quarterly and annual updates for the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA 1988).

    Release date: 2001-02-21

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