Isolated Posts Allowance Indexes (Living Cost Differential Indexes) (LCD)

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The purpose of this survey is to determine the living cost differential allowance level payable, under the isolated posts directive, to Canadian government employees serving at "isolated" locations in Canada.

Your information may also be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes.

Collection periods:
In consultation with the survey sponsor, collection is conducted in the six isolated post regions at various times over a three to four year time frame.
Collection method:
Survey participation:
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    Statistics Canada is prohibited by law from releasing any information it collects which could identify any person, business, or organization, unless consent has been given by the respondent or as permitted by the Statistics Act.

    Statistics Canada will use the information from this survey for statistical purposes only.

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    Record linkage

    To enhance the data from this survey, Statistics Canada may combine it with information from other surveys or from administrative sources.

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    Topics covered in the survey

    The survey asks questions about:

    • retail prices
    • expenses
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    Published Data

    Statistics Canada publishes the results of its surveys in many formats. To find all the documents related to this survey, follow the links below and type the name of the survey in the search engine located at the left of your screen to filter the results.

    Data: You will find tables, profiles of a community or region, thematic maps, public use microdata files, and data visualization tools.

    Analysis: You will have direct access to Stats in brief (e.g., releases from The Daily, fact sheets), articles and reports, and journals and periodicals.

  • Questionnaires, definitions, data sources and methods: survey number 2321
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