Your participation is important

Your participation in the National Population Health Survey (NPHS) is voluntary; however, your cooperation is very important to ensure that the information collected by the survey is as reliable and accurate as possible.

Why is it so important that I participate in the NPHS?

Due to the fact that we must interview the same people every second year, we are unable to substitute you with someone else.  Because of this, each participant is literally irreplaceable.

Since each person in this survey represents many other people in Canada, it is important that everyone involved continues to participate in order to ensure that the collected information is as accurate as possible. Continued participation ensures that the survey information reflects the health of the Canadian population correctly.

The answers provided to the survey help Statistics Canada to assess, with greater accuracy, the influence that things such as physical activity, lifestyle, and financial situation have on the health of Canadians over time. Having a more precise knowledge of issues and key factors related to health helps decision makers and health practitioners make the right decisions for Canadians. A longitudinal health survey such as the NPHS also highlights new directions for medical and scientific research that could not have been found otherwise.

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