Record linkage

During the interview we will ask for your permission for data linkage. This will allow Statistics Canada and your provincial ministry of health to combine your survey information with other provincial health-related information, such as your past and continuing use of health services including visits to hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices. However, it does not include personal medical information held by your doctor.

Data linkage has many advantages:

  • it enables linking various indicators of health and health status to the actual cost of providing health care
  • it provides a richer and more complete set of data for analysis and makes it possible to study more complex issues related to health, such as equal access to health services
  • it saves the respondent from answering additional questions on the survey
  • it reduces the cost of collecting important health information.

Record linkage won't happen without your consent. All linked data will remain confidential under the Statistics Act.

Please consult Record linkage at Statistics Canada for more information.

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