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The diary is to be used to record all the expenses of your household over a 7 or 14-day period. It is divided into three parts:

  • A pocket inside the front cover where you can collect receipts.
  • The "Expenses-in stores and online" section where you can record the costs and description of these expenses.
  • The "Expenses-restaurants, cafeterias, bars, coffee shops, etc." section where you can record the costs for meals and snacks at dining and take-out establishments.

Which households will receive a diary?

All households are selected to complete the diary.

What is the purpose of the diary?

To save time, some expenses are not covered in detail during your interview. Frequent day-to-day expenses are often forgotten or understated when collected in the interview, but overall they can represent a good portion of a household’s budget. This diary will help you to report all of your household’s daily expenses and will also help you track your weekly spending!

How do I record my household's expenses in the diary?

You will probably find it better to record your expenses on a daily basis rather than try to recall goods and services purchased and amounts paid after longer periods of time, especially casual expenses for which you may not have a receipt.

What do I do in the diary if my household did not spend any money on certain days?

If no expenses were made on a particular day, please record the date and write "no spending" in the "Expenses-in stores and online" section.

What do I do with my household's receipts?

If you provide the receipts, file them in the pocket located inside the front cover of the diary.

If you don't provide the receipts, record all your expenses as indicated on your receipts into the diary.

What will Statistics Canada do with my receipts?

Any receipts you submit to Statistics Canada will be destroyed in a manner that fully complies with our Confidentiality Policy as soon as the relevant information has been recorded.

Statistics Canada is unable to return your receipts.

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