Collection method

Data were collected using a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) method.

In the Cognition module, respondents are asked for their permission to record their answers to four tasks. Only the Cognition module is recorded (about 3 minutes), and only if the respondent agrees.

Why are you recording some of my responses?

This audio recording is needed:

  • to save interview time, as interviewers don’t have to write down all the answers themselves while the respondent waits; and,

  • to ensure the respondent’s answers will be entered and interpreted correctly. The data capture of these responses will be done by Statistics Canada employees specially trained to do this task. If needed, they could replay the audio recording to make sure they have understood it correctly.

Who will have access to this audio recording?

Only Statistics Canada employees will listen to this audio recording. The Statistics Act ensures that any information you provide to us, including recorded responses, remains strictly confidential. In addition, the audio file will not contain direct identifiers such as a name and will be coded in alpha-numeric text (mix of letters and digits, like in a postal code).

This audio recording will not be shared with Public Health Agency, Health Canada, provincial/territorial ministries of health or the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. If the respondent agrees to share their survey responses with these partners, only the coded data will be shared with them.

What will you do with this audio recording?

The audio files will be retained only until the end of the collection and processing periods for the survey before being destroyed.