Statistics Canada and contact tracing

Statistics Canada expertise in demand

Statistics Canada expertise and interviewing competencies coupled with a human resource capacity are in high demand to assist in the COVID-19 contact tracing efforts at the federal and provincial levels.

Contact tracing is the process of getting in touch with everyone who may have been exposed to the virus and making sure they are taking measures to control its spread. This is done so these individuals can be informed of their possible infection and take measures to quarantine and be monitored for symptoms. This helps to ensure they receive the necessary care and treatment and helps prevent further transmission.

Contact tracing activities are led by the provinces and territories; however, as the federal government has access to a significant number of experienced and fully equipped human resources able to do this work, it has extended an offer of support to the provinces and territories, if needed, to help meet increased demands due to COVID-19.

Consequently, Statistics Canada is assisting Public Health Ontario by relying on the strength and expertise of the agency’s interviewers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing. Currently a small team is involved in this work. Discussions are underway with other provincial and territorial health agencies to support them in the contact tracing initiative.

Statistics Canada's employees have been actively helping our health agencies, researchers and front line practitioners with a variety of tools, data and expertise to help manage the current pandemic. These efforts include providing data standards, technical infrastructure and systems support for better tracking and understanding the number of cases, personal protective equipment and the social and economic impacts on vulnerable populations.

Statistics Canada will continue to adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality measures, keep the Office of the Privacy Commissioner fully apprised of the approach and specific activities and outline them here for Canadians to be fully aware and be available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

We are committed to helping Canadians remain safe and healthy through using our data and expertise responsibly, being fully transparent and available. Any questions can be sent to

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