Liste de tous les projets des CDR réalisés au cours des 12 derniers mois

Projets des CDR de juillet 2017 - juin 2018 inclusivement
Titre du contract Chercheur principal Enquête
Testing the intersection of gender/sex and food insecurity on mental health outcomes Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault ESC
Zero-hours and on-call work in Canada James Chowhan EPA
The effects of extended unemployment benefits on migration, long-term labour market outcomes, and family arrangements Jeffrey Hicks DAL
Student loan defaults in Canada: An analysis of the 2013 National Graduates Survey Roger Pizarro Milian END
Wage spillover effects from minimum wages and social assistance: Examining impacts on new hires, layoffs, and workers remaining in the same job James Townsend EPA
Portrait descriptif de l'évolution du marché du logement au Canada Catherine Maredith Haeck REC, ENM
Rates of carcinoma and proximity to select industries Michael Haan REC
Tobacco alternatives and mental health Scott Patten ESCC
Portrait de la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu pour les immigrants et les non-immigrants au Canada Paulnie Desrosiers REC, BDMIR
L'impact de l'éducation sur la mobilité intergénérationnelle du revenu des Canadiens Nicholas Thibault REC, BDMIR
Characterizing trends in the dietary patterns of Canadians: Evidence from two cycles of the Canadian Community Health Survey---Nutrition Praneet Ng ESCC
Does taxation induce home production? Qian Li Ma ESG, EDM
Investigating the relationship between sport participation and self-esteem among Canadian children and youth Thomas A. Perks ELNEJ
Physician labour supply Lars Nielsen REC, EPA, ENM
Socioeconomic status associated with cannabis use in Canada Harman Sandhu ESCC
Supplementary health insurance and socio-economic status Godefroy Emmanuel Guindon ESC, EDM, EDTR, EMTE 
Mental health of Canadian youth, 2012 - 2016 Scott Patten ESCC
Prevalence, risk factors and burden of pregnancy-related chronic back pain in Canada Oluwakemi Awe EEM, ENSP
Socioeconomic status in rural Canada: Health behaviours, service use, and well-being Matthew Stackhouse ESCC
Perceived discrimination among immigrants to Canada: Examining some socio-demographic factors Md. Aminul Islam ESG
Aging among community-dwelling off-reserve Indigenous populations in Canada Laura Warren ESC
Heavy metal levels in newcomers to Canada as compared to the Canadian-born population Reza Afshari ECMS
Provincial differences in the economic outcomes of immigrants Casey Warman REC, EIACA, DAL, EPA , ENM, PEICA
Graduate course on quantitative methods using Longitudinal Survey Data available at the University of Toronto Research Data Centre (RDC) Tingting Zhang EDTR
Prevalence of overweight, obesity, and associated factors in children and youth in Ontario: A provincial comparison between Ontario, Quebec, and all of Canada Laura C. Rosella ECMS
The changing nature of access in Canada's expanded postsecondary system David Jonathan Zarifa REC, ENM, FCCP+tool, FCCPtool, SIEP
Creating novel national scale environmental exposure measures for obesity prevention: Integrating Hui Luan ESCC
Update study: Variation in health services utilization among ethnic population using 2015-2016 Lee Seungwon ESCC
Incentivizing labour: Examining the effects of WITB in Canada Kourtney Lee Koebel DAL, EDTR
Variation in income and hours worked per week in the Canadian labour force -- 1976 to Present Rosa Zetler EPA
Type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease-related conditions and non-adherence to Canadian physical activity guidelines: Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey (2015-2016) Jane Evelyn Hacquoil Booth ESCC
Post-secondary education choice, pathway and outcome: SFA recipients vs. non-recipients Pierre Tourigny Autre-Non-StatCan
Canada student loan borrowers: Labour market outcomes and repayment patterns Pierre Tourigny Autre-Non-StatCan
Déterminants psychologiques de la prise d'alcool associée à la dépression François Vigneau ESCC
Does the child fitness tax credit program make children more active? Van Hai Nguyen ESCC
Household food insecurity and health Valerie Tarasuk ESCC
Earnings and employment inequality in Canada: 1997 - 2017 Danielle Kathryn Lamb EPA
The legacy of colonization: Historical determinants of contemporary First Nation's health outcomes Donna L. Feir (Waagenaar) EAPA, REC
Time or toys? Evaluating the effect of parental time and material investments on child developmental trajectories with the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) Emmanuelle arpin ELNEJ
Ethnic inequality in Canada Ravi Shankar Pendakur REC, ENM
Examining the association between deployment experiences and mental health: The role of psycho-social resources and time since service Alex Elliot Bierman EVAS
Exploring the association between maternal chronic disease and suboptimal breastfeeding: Findings from the 2015-2016 Canadian Community Health Survey Natalie Visca Scime ESCC
Economy wide spillovers from booms: Long distance commuting and the spread of wage effects Iain Snoddy REC, ENMC
Transmission of monetary policy in Canada when households have varying levels of debt Fanny McKellips FAMEX, RMEM, ESF, EDM
Trends in mortality rates among social groups in Canada Arjumand Ara Begum Siddiqi CSERCan
Research initiative on education and skills (RIES) Brad Seward ELIA, PEICA
Accès aux données confidentielles du recensement et de l'Enquête nationale auprès des ménages Sarah Bergeron REC, ENM
Prevalence of substance use and abuse, misuse, and dependence among ethnic communities in Canada, with a focus on the South Asian community Scott Patten ESCC
The mental health service use of Arab, Black, Latin American, and White Canadians Renee Taylor ESCC
Geographic variation and determinants of cardiometabolic ambulatory care sensitive conditions Piotr Wilk ESCC, REC, ENM
Parental leave benefits and seasonality of births in Canada Janice Compton Autre-Non-StatCan
Have disability rates decreased? Michel Grignon ESC, ESG, ESLA, ENSP, EPLA
Determining the use of federal caregiver supports: An examination of the family caregiver tax credit Allison M. Williams DAL
Childhood and youth refugee research coalition Yoko Yoshida BDIM
Occupational stress as a risk factor for poor sleep in the prenatal period Stephana Julia Cherak ESCC
The impact of full-day kindergarten reform on maternal labour supply Tingting Zhang REC, EPA, ENM, Autre-Non-StatCan
Urban Indigenous mental health: Protective factors for off-reserve populations Emma Cruddas EAPA
Analyzing the relationship between health and employment in Canada Mina Alizadehsadrdaneshpour ENSP
The relationship between education, health and mortality in Canada Casey R. Warman ESC, REC, CSERCan, ENSP
Labour market performance of South Asians in Canada and Sweden Ather Akbari REC, ENM
Does maintaining transnational financial ties benefit or harm immigrant mental health? Meng Yu ELIC
Exploring the relationship between sleep, workplace injuries and stress Erica Carleton ESJO
A between-country dietary analysis and policy scan: Leveraging population-level dietary intake data to inform policy Jennifer Vena ESCC
Relationship between health service quality, unmet healthcare needs, and complementary and alternative medicine use in adults with chronic pain: A secondary analysis of the National Population Health Survey Jessica LaChance ENSP
Prevalence of chronic diseases among sedentary adults: The differential effect across age groups in Canada Taiwo Oyewumi Ajao ESCC
Planning the number and distribution of specialist palliative care personnel for Nova Scotia: An operations research approach Majid Taghavi FCCP+tool
The state of malignant trophoblastic disease in Canada --A study to evaluate trophoblastic cancer in Canada (Choriocarcinoma, placental site and epithelioid trophoblastic tumor) Catherine Popadiuk RCC
To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada Fariba Solati REC, EPFL, ENM
Statistics Canada requires experts on the employment insurance status vector data to assist in vetting output associated with projects participating the EISV pilot project Benoit Delage EDSC-PVAEC
The effect of healthcare accessibility and continuity of care on self-reported less-urgent emergency department use Alexander Fraess-Phillips ECE-SSP
Determinants and consequences of alcohol consumption, evidence from Canada Casey R. Warman ESC, EPA, ENSP
Out-of-pocket health spending Michael Law EDM
The combined role of psychological factors and mental health disorders on risk behavior among individuals vulnerable to acquire HIV in Canada Doreen Nehumba ESCC
Volunteer opportunities and their implications on private philanthropy Forough Seifi ECDBP, ESG, Autre-Non-StatCan, FCCP
Adverse and restorative employment cycles: The positive benefits of work on mental health Erica Carleton ENSP
The choice of job search methods and difference in the labour market outcomes among ethnic immigrants and refugees to Canada Mohammad Chowdhury ELIC
Social determinants of potentially avoidable hospitalizations for chronic diseases in a context of universal health coverage Neeru Gupta ESC
The relationship between aggression and suicidality: Youth risk profiles Kari-Ann Clow ESJO
Health, and mental-wellbeing during Canada's economic boom, bust and recovery Ehsan Latif ENSP
Industrial relations systems framework for immigration Amr El-Kebbi EEFA, ESCC, ECR, ECBE, ENM, EDTR
Labour market outcomes of international students Amna Wasty EPA, ENM
Implications of the new 2017 American academy of pediatrics (AAP) clinical practice guidelines for the management of elevated blood pressure (BP) in Canadian children aged 6-18 years: A descriptive study Suzanne Clarke ECMS, Autre-Non-StatCan
Assessing the impact of self-governance and opt-in arrangements Ravi Shankar Pendakur REC, ENM
Determinants of job satisfaction in Canadian correctional officers Bonnie Lynn Janzen SAFF
Internet use among the Canadian elderly population: General Social Survey (GSS)- Canadians at Work and Home Hala Tamim ESG
Mesothelioma epidemiology and prognosis Jeavana Sritharan RCC
Health equity from the start: Elucidating pathways of child health inequalities Jennifer McGrath ELNEJ
Analyse des prédicteurs de la saine alimentation : Cas du Canada- Demande d'accès du CIQSS de Gratias Gloria Denise Godonou ESCC
Supply of informal care, unmet need, and happiness Michel Grignon ESCC, ESG
The effect of provincial taxes the immigrants' geographical location decision - Evidence from the Canadian census Wenshuang Yu DAL
La transmission intergénérationnelle du revenu au Canada Marie Connolly BDMIR, Autre-Non-StatCan
New or old barriers? Exploring immigrant perceptions of police in Canada Jane Barry Sprott ESG
What are the specific features of Quebec's social policy model in relation to inequality? Rodney Stephen Haddow DAL
Est-ce que la recommandation de consommer moins de gras saturés est toujours valable? Stéphanie Harrison ESCC
Examining income inequality in Saskatchewan Gregory Poelzer ESF
The associations between self-reported use of calcium supplementation and cardiovascular mortality Wasem Alsabbagh ESCC
Identifying factors that protect Canadians who use alcohol and drugs from suicide risk: Defining a resilience model of suicide prevention Stacey Dominique Espinet ESCC
Non-economic outcomes and the IMDB Howard Ramos BDIM
An empirical investigation of the labour market outcomes of individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis in Canada Arezou Zaresani ECI, PALS, EPPNC
Measuring trends in health inequalities in cities (MTHIC) Charles Albert Plante ESC, REC, ENM
The causal effect of educational attainment on the incidence of birth rates for teenaged females Harry Krashinsky REC
Immigrant economic and geographical mobility in Canada: A proposal to host the IMDB pilot project at Western University Michael Haan BDIM
A re-examination of incentives and retirement Kevin Scott Milligan ECR, DAL, EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan, EDTR
Data validation of National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, linked with the T1FF Ashley Calhoun ELNEJ
Trends in cardiovascular health and associations with hospitalizations and mortality for acute cardiovascular disease and stroke in Canada, 2000-2011 Sarah Singh ESCC
Trajectoires professionnelles des immigrants et des natifs au Canada : Une analyse centrée sur l'auto-emploi et l'entrepreneuriat hybride Achille Kwamegni Kepnou DAL
Taxation and income dynamics of families: A panel study for Canada using the longitudinal administrative databank (LAD) Po Tat Yip DAL
Taxation and top incomes: Effects of recent reforms Michael Smart DAL
Sticky money: Exploring the acceptability of sugar-sweetened beverage tax among Canadian Indigenous populations Natalie Diane Riediger ESCC
Research data center application - HEQCO Ken Chatoor ESG, ELIA, ELNEJ, PEICA
Assessment of the anti-poverty effects of employment insurance program Sid Ali Amedah REC, ECR, EDTR
Analyse longitudinale et distributive de l'utilisation, par les contribuables, des mesures fiscales préférentielles liées au gain en capital Antoine Genest-Grégoire DAL, Autre-Non-StatCan
Choosing between RRSPs and TFSAs: Substitutes or complements? Jonathan Farrar DAL
Longitudinal data analysis using R Thomas A. Perks ELNEJ, ENSP
Inequity in health-related age in Canada Michel Grignon ENSP
Endettement des ménages canadiens: Évolution et modélisation en fonction des caractéristiques des ménages Nicolas Bedard ESF, ESF
Relation entre la prise de psychotrope et le volume d’activité physique mesuré subjectivement et objectivement chez les adultes inclus dans l’Enquête canadienne des mesures de santé Samuel St-Amour ECMS
New evidence on the long-term impacts of experimental interventions designed to help social assistance recipients achieve a permanent break from welfare dependency W. Craig Riddell SSP
Strategic philanthropy at the individual level Rebekah (Rukia) Owusu ECDBP, ESG, ENDBP
How do material and social deprivation affect health care utilization of high system users with multimorbidity? A retrospective cohort study Donna M. Goodridge REC, ENM
A between-country dietary analysis and policy scan: Leveraging population-level dietary intake data to inform policy 2 Sharon I. Kirkpatrick ESCC
Mortality, life expectancy and avoidable deaths in Ontario: Socioeconomic dimensions Don Kerr CSERCan
The effects of language proficiency on the health and health behaviors Farhana Khanam ESCC
Longitudinal associations between neighborhood walkability, physical activity and obesity in urban Canada Ashna Jinah ENSP, Autre -Non-StatCan
Job-protected leaves and entrepreneurship Joshua Gottlieb REC, EPA, Autre-Non-StatCan, EDTR
Variations des déterminants sociaux associés à la santé en fonction de l'âge dans l'Arctique Canadien Marie Christine Brigitte Baron EAPA, REC
Mapping the opioid epidemic in Canada - A longitudinal geospatial analysis of the impact of opioid Wasem Alsabbagh ENM
The economic impact of not in employment, education, or training (NEET) youth Mark Wayne McKerrow ESG, EPA, EDTR, EJET
Preferential immigration of skilled immigrants and the impact on the labour market in Newfoundland and Labrador Opeyemi Olufunke Jaunty-Aidamenbor REC, ENM
Muslims in France, Quebec and Canada: Social, economic and political integratoin Jeffrey G. Reitz ESCC, REC, EDE, ESG, ENM
An examination of proinflammatory food consumption in a Canadian nationally representative sample Kristen Fleet ESCC
How does green space modify associations between exposure to air pollution and risk of mortality? Dan Crouse CSERCan
Labour market participation, financial situation and use of childcare services for families with young children (Part one) Benoit-Paul Hébert ECR, EPA, EDTR
Labour market participation, financial situation and use of childcare services for famillies with young children (Part two) Benoit-Paul Hébert EDM
Labour market participation, financial situation and use of childcare services for famillies with young children (Part three) Benoit-Paul Hébert ESG
Precursors to self-regulatory deficits in early childhood William M. Bukowski ELNEJ
The relationship between physical and sedentary activity on the mental health outcomes of children and youth in the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth Marc-André Bélair ELNEJ
Migration and secondary migration of health professionals (project 2) Lennox Arthur Sweetman BDIM
The long-term socioeconomic integration of privately sponsored refugees in Canada Risa (Lisa) Kaida BDIM
Security starts at home - A case study of socio-economic inequality among older adults in Atlantic Canada, 1991 to 2016 Sinikka Okkola ESCC, REC, ENM
Évolution séculaire du profil des salaires en fonction de l'âge: Une analyse comparée des marchés du travail Canadien et Américain Raquel Fonseca Benito EPA
Current obstacles to breastfeeding in Canada Mourad Dahhou ESCC
Getting to precision in public health: Leveraging nationally representative dietary intake data to match vulnerable populations with targeted cancer prevention Dana Olstad ESC
The deskilling experiences of skilled minoritized immigrants in the Canadian labour market Kuran Karki ELIC
The impact of trade liberalization on the labor market-evidence from Canada Mustafa Zaman EDTR
Using engel's law to estimate CPI bias and to construct CPI's specific to locations and population sub-groups John Charles Herbert Emery EDM
Lifelong inequality of first-generation students: Skills outcomes Megan McMaster PEICA
Do immigrants from regulated professions do better in the Canadian labour market? Rupa Banerjee BDIM, ELIC
Les pratiques pénales au Canada : Vers un virage punitif des tribunaux Chloé Leclerc EITJC
Migration policy and gendered eonomic migration mows in Canada, 2003-2013 Ian Van Haren FERP
Mobilité et trajectoires migratoires au Canada Charles Fleury BDIM
Implications of driving cessation amongst Canada's elderly living in rural and small urban communities Kenneth Bruce Newbold ESCC, ESG
Factors help predict whether an immigrant will effectively work in an area similar to their intended occupation as declared Steven Fredrick Lehrer BDIM, ELIC
The changing face of inequality in Canada Michael Haan REC, ECR, EPA, NHS, EDTR
Comprendre la perception que les immigrants de 1ère génération faisant partie des minorités visibles ont de leur participation à la société. Analyse longitudinale du sentiment de compétence, de confiance et d’appartenance sociale[1] Pierre Canisius Kamanzi BDIM, ELIC
NPHS data for statistics academic research Alwell Oyet ENSP
Association of childhood obesity and risk of asthma and phenotypes - A longitudinal study Danny Wadden ELNEJ
Geographical variation in the association between socioeconomic status and avoidable mortality and hospitalizations in Canada Lauren Waller ESC
The impact of health information searching on physician demand and health outcomes Sara Tumpane ESC, ECUI
Immigrants' economic integration: Social capital and relative human capital Georgina Chuatico REC, ELIC
Sorting and shaping: The dynamics of labour market exclusion for female migrant care workers in Canada, 1980-2015 Naomi Anna Lightman BDIM
Familles en transformation : Multiplicité des formes familiales et des rôles parentaux France-Pascale Ménard ESG
Profit-sharing plans and employment stability: Teamwork, employment stability and organizational performance Tao (Tony) Fang EMTE 
The great recession and union wage premiums in Canada Danielle Kathryn Lamb EPA
Production de statistiques descriptives portant sur le marché du travail Québécois et Canadien Luc Cloutier-Villeneuve EPA
Estimate and describe the actual and potential Métis harvesters Gustave Goldmann EAPA, REC, ENM
Service provision in non-official languages Yan  (Sarah) Feng REC, BDCP-BDIM, BDIM, BDIM, BDIM-ELIC, ELIA
What are the characteristics of families with registered education savings plans? Barbara Bekooy ESF
Evaluating the effect of obesity on osteoarthritis progression Behnam Sharif EPMC
Income trajectories of Canada’s immigrants, 2002-15 Abdie Kazemipur BDIM, BDIM-ELIC, ELIC
Youth and skill migration in Northern and rural Ontario Michael Haan REC, EPFL, EPA, ENM, EDTR
Immigrant recruitment and retention Michael Haan REC, DAL, ENM
Youth mental health and employment in the welfare state: A cross-national comparison of three Anita Minh ELNEJ
Playing on the teeter-totter: As disabilities go up do outcomes go down? Examining children's outcomes in the presence of a sibling with a disability Paola Carolina Beneras ELNEJ
Food insecurity and mobility among Toronto working age adults with mobility disabilities Naomi Schwartz ESCC
Labour market consequences of mental illness: Evidence from military veterans Matthew Schwartzman ESMFC
The effect regulation on immigrant labor market outcomes: An investigation of employment and earnings in Canada's health care sector Ross D. Hickey REC
The relationship between animal product consumption and cardiovascular disease risk factors Patrick Merrithew ECMS
Skill and social inequality among Canada's NEET youth Ashley Pullman ELIA, PEICA
Parcours des immigrants au Canada : Mobilité et résidence temporaire Charles Fleury REC, DAL, ENM
Étude comparative de l'aptitude cardiorespiratoire chez les survivants de leucémie lymphoblastique aigüe et de la population en santé au Canada Maxime Caru ECMS, Autre-Non-StatCan
The changing sociodemographic profile of Chinese seniors in Canada Weiguo Zhang REC
Examining child, family and neighbourhood-level variation in youth reports of child maltreatment and eating disordered behaviour -- A consideration of socio-economic disadvantage, sex and immigrant status as determinants Melissa Sharon Kimber ESJO
Measurement invariance of the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study child maltreatment and eating disorder behaviour measures across sex and immigrant generational status in a population-based sample of youth Melissa Sharon Kimber ESJO
Eating disordered behaviour and child maltreatment in Ontario: A consideration of their prevalence and intersections among Canadian youth Melissa Sharon Kimber ESJO
The value of self-employment experience: Human capital versus signalling Neil Lloyd DAL
Adjustment costs and incentives to work: Evidence from an employment insurance program Arezou Zaresani EDSC-PVAE
New evidence on how universal child care influenced child care decisions and child Michael John Kottelenberg ELNEJ, Autre-Non-StatCan
Amélioration des salaires diffusés sur le site Web du Guichet-Emplois Julie L'Allier REC, EPAC, ENM
Rethinking Indigenous families Simona Bignami-Van Assche EEA, ESCC, ENM
What is the relationship between economic security and health for Canadians? Barry M. R. Watson ENSP
The role of volunteering in facilitating the school-to-work transitions of youth in Canada Danielle Kathryn Lamb EJET
Describing Canadian eating patterns according to food processing and dietary quality indexes and assessing its association with health outcomes Jean-Claude Moubarac ESCC
Intégration des immigrants et des minorités visibles dans le marché du travail au Québec Brahim Boudarbat REC, ESG, EPAC, ENDC, ENM
Are socioeconomic inequities in dietary intake in Canada changing? A nationally representative analysis of change between 2004 and 2015 Dana Olstad ESCC
Modélisation de la demande de vélopartage Mikael Chibok ENM
Exploring the role of early adversity, social influences, and transitional time points in the mental health development of Canadian youth Tara McAuley ELNEJ
Prevalence and predictors of workplace stress in health care occupations in 3 Canadian provinces and the interaction of workplace stress with health and absence from work James Carl Plohman ESCC
Perinatal health among foreign versus native-born mothers in Canada: Interactions with socioeconomic position and variation across outcomes and cohorts Gabriel Shapiro CCanNRC2006
Comparing physical activity levels in Canadians with obstructive breathing patterns and healthy adults: An analysis of the Canadian Health Measures Survey Karla Horvey ECMS
Exposure to environmental pollutants and associations with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes in the Canadian general population Joanne Kim ECMS
Predicting low adult literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills in Canada using the program for the international assessment of adult competencies Ashley Pullman PEICA
Propension à contracter une union exogame selon le statut des générations et le niveau de scolarité chez les Canadiens d'origine Libanaise Solene Lardoux REC
Les futurs familles et ménages Canadiens : Un modèle de projection par microsimulation David Pelletier CSERCan, ESG, ELIA, EDTR
Does social and labour policy moderate the suicide risk in relation to socioeconomic position and employment status on the face of fluctuations in the Canadian economy? Chungah Kim CSERCan
Sexual orientation and homeownership disparities in Canada Jason G. Dean REC, ENM
Examining cardiovascular risk factors of lack African immigrants in Canada Patricia Juanita O'Campo ESC
Ethnic differences in psychiatric admission to hospitals in Canada Meghan Smith REC
Living alone: A century of change, and implications for Canadians' morbidity Xiangnan Chai ESC, REC, ENM
Cervical cancer screening in gender and sexual minority populations Candace Chan ESC
The relationship between child maltreatment and at-risk sexual behaviours and dating violence in adolescence Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
Sex differences in childhood maltreatment and adolescent sleep patterns Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
Socioeconomics inequalities in health and health care utilization among Canadian adults Mohammad Hajizadeh ENSP
Access to surgical procedures: A comparison between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations Lynn Nicole Lethbridge REC
The importance of dietary choices and nutritional markers on inflammatory markers among Canadians Paul Veugelers ECMS
Examining adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on health outcomes using classification and regression tree analysis Terrance J. Wade ESCC
The income and labour market transitions of older Canadian workers Josh Patterson Curtis ETA
Ethnic inequality in Canada Ravi Shankar Pendakur REC, ENM
Longitudinal effects of income stability on skill level, development, and change in Canada: Gradient pathways by gender, age, immigration status, and household composition Ashley Pullman ELIA, Autre-Non-StatCan, PEICA
Quality, productivity and financial performance Mark Anderson EMTE 
Trends in the use of public income support in Alberta Daniel James Dutton EDSC-PVAE
Teen parenthood in Canada: Outcomes for teen mothers and fathers across cohorts Laura Wright ESG
What explains obesity among off-reserve First Nations: The role of socio-demographics, diet, and exercise Peter Slade ESCC
Obesity among Métis and off-reserve First Nations children and youth Martin J. Cooke ESCC
Lifetimes of mobility: The geographical mobility of Canadian cohorts Michael Haan CSERCan, FCCP+tool, FCCPtool
Aging alone? Older adults without close kin in Canada Rachel Margolis ESG, Autre-Non-StatCan
Social media ties and social integration: Physical and virtual communities as mechanisms of retention Tina Luu Ly ESG
How are workers responding to industrial and occupational precariousness? Michael Haan EDSC-PVAE
The health and wellbeing of older lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults in Canada Gajan Sivakumaran ESC
The relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mental and physical health among adolescent boys and girls in Ontario, Canada Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
Understanding the factors affecting the turnover intention of nurses in Canada James Chowhan ESCC, ENTSPI
What makes children different? Household income, family structure, and children's outcomes Lan Wei ELNEJ
La fécondité des immigrantes au Canada: Une analyse longitudinale par catégorie d'arrivée Marcus Vinicius Leite Fraga DAL, ELIA
Parent and family factors that are associated with reduced odds of spanking Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
The relationships between experiences of child maltreatment and bullying victimization and mental disorders, physical health conditions, and suicidality among adolescents in Ontario Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
Spanking, mental disorders, physical health conditions, and defiant adolescent behaviours Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) ESJO
Incidence trends in human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated cervical and non-cervical cancers in Canada, 1992-2016 Ibrahim Watara Abubakari RCC
Rôle et déterminants d'un comportement d'épargne actif face à la retraite : Une étude d'événements sur la perte ou le gain d'un régime de pension d'employeur Jean-Raphael (Guillaume) Poulin-Bellisle ELIA
The effects of working while unemployed: Evidence from a natural experiment Jeffrey Hicks EDSC-PVAE
Examining the role of food literacyin shaping immigrant integration experiences in Canada Eunjeong Kwon ESCC, ESG
Child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, and mental health: Considerations of measurement, contextual influences, and intersections Melissa Sharon Kimber REC, ENM, ESJO
La fécondité des immigrantes: Effet de quartier Valérie Piérard REC, ENM
Mental health issue and happiness of Asian childbearing-age immigrated women: A cross section study in Newfoundland population Qianqian Li ESCC
Migration and settlement characteristics in Ontario and Quebec: Provincial and city profiles based on the 2011 NHS and census Valerie A. Preston REC, ENM
1) Prevalence & service use Laura Duncan ESJO
2) Study methods Laura Duncan ESJO
3) Contextual effects Laura Duncan ESG, ESJO
4) Resource allocation Laura Duncan REC, ENM, ESJO
Intergenerational child maltreatment Laura Duncan ESJO
How does the percentage of charitable revenue publicly provided to charitable organisations vary as a function of the type of charitable organisation Rumbidzayi Christine Tafa REC, ENM
Impacts of EI benefit extensions on benefit duration David Gray EDSC-PVAE
Les élites économiques à l'ère de la financiarisation Mathieu Lizotte ESF
Cyberbullying victimization, suicidal ideation and major depressive disorder in adolescents Soyeon Kim ESG, ESJO
The evolution of wealth inequalityin Canada between 1982 and 2014: A new perspective Gaëllem Alexandra Simard-Duplain DAL
Inégalités avec la majorité ou au sein de la minorité de langue officielle? Dominique Pépin-Filion REC, ENM
The prospective contribution of sport and active leisure to student academic and psycho-social success from kindergarden to high school Frédéric Brière ELNEJ
Impact of income shocks on health outcomes: An income process decomposition using LISA database Ismaël Choinière Crèvecoeur ELIAC
Déterminants de la langue de garderie et de scolarisation des francophones en situation minoritaire au Canada Dominique Pépin-Filion EVMLO
Health outcomes of urban green spaces -- An analysis of green space type and mental health in metro Vancouver Ingrid Jarvis ESC, Autre-Non-StatCan
Étude de la retraite au Canada Rafael Silva-Ramirez ELIA
Comparing urban and rural residents' perceptions of policing in Canada Stephanie Cantlay ESG
Paid family leave, fertility and labour market outcomes Qiongda Zhao DAL, SEC
Effects of parental leave policies on educational attainment of potential parents Linda Wang REC, ENM
Intra-generational income mobility in Canada Kambi Djabir Autre-Non-StatCan, EDTR
The dynamics of health inequalities faced by Indigenous populations in canada: What factors account for the inequalities? Mohammad Hajizadeh EAPA, ESC, REC, ENM
Conjugalité, fécondité et bien-être des membres des ménages et des familles au Canada Solene Lardoux REC, ESG, ENM, ELNEJ
Spatial inequality in frailty between urban and rural Canadians David Marshall ESC
Digital divide: Understanding differences in ICT literacy among Canadian family caregivers Janet E. Fast ELIA
Assessing overall diet quality among Canadians, patterns of dietary intake and association with health and chronic diseases among Canadians using CCHS 2004 (Cycle 2.2) and 2015 nutrition component Hassanali Vatanparast ESCC
Sugar in solid foods and beverages: Examining relationships to gestational diabetes and cardiovascular disease Kaberi Dasgupta ESCC
Differences in colorectal cancer screening rates across income strata by rural and urban status Jonathan Simkin ESCC
The relationship between the retail food environment, diet and cardiometabolic health of Canadians Nancy Annette Ross ECMS
The pattern of joint-retirement in Canada: An exploratory analysis James Stutely REC, ESG, DAL, EPA, EDTR
Mental health of immigrant children in Canada: Evidence from the Canadian Health Measures Survey Oluwabukola Salami ECMS
Postpartum depression among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal and immigrant women in Canada: Results from the Maternity Experiences Survey Janet Kathleen Smylie EEM
The nutrition implications of household food insecurity Valerie Tarasuk ESCC
The effect of increasing minimum wages on adverse birth outcomes in Canada Shiraz El Adam Autre-Non-StatCan
A between-country dietary analysis and policy scan: Leveraging population-level dietary intake data to inform policy Sharon I. Kirkpatrick ESCC
Household food insecurity among pregnant women and households with children Valerie Tarasuk ESC
Queering Canadian suburbs: LGBTQ2S place-making outside of central cities Alison Bain RECC, ESG, ENM
Examining how physical activity patterns relate to health among preschoolers: A National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth Akinkunle Oye-Somefun ELNEJ
Overscreening for cancer in Canada Geetanjali Datta ESCC
Beyond academia: Explaining the career pathways of PhD graduates in the social sciences Brittany Etmanski END
Milieu de vie et vieillissement en bonne santé dans l'Inuit Nunangat Marie Baron EAPA, REC
Les transferts linguistiques des immigrants Iraniens de Toronto Simin Shafiefar REC, ENM
Access to optometric care in Canada Godefroy Emmanuel Guindon EAPA, ECMS, ENSP, EDM
Depression symptoms, stigma expectations, and mental health treatment-seeking behaviours in a Canadian sample Alexandria Melvin ESCC
Association between new physical activity indexes and metabolic outcomes for Canadian adults and older adults Martin Senechal ECMS
Making contact: Post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces and access to services in Atlantic Canada Andrea Bowes ESMFC
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