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Data Liberation Initiative – Licence Agreement

Assessing requests for DLI data

The DLI Licence is the formal agreement between Statistics Canada (Data Liberation Initiative program) and the educational institution. The licence identifies the roles and responsibilities of both parties. When an educational institution joins the DLI , both parties sign this licence.

The highlights of the licence agreement follow:

Under the new Licence agreement, all standard data products in the DLI collection are subject to Statistics Canada's Open Data Licence. The DLI members are now allowed to use the standard data products for non-profit, academic research and instruction.

Also under the licence agreement, institutional members of the DLI have access to the entire PUMFs collection, as outlined in the Appendix 1 of the DLI Licence. They can use the PUMFs for statistical and research purposes but they cannot share the data files with non DLI members.

Appendix 2 of the Licence Agreement is the End-use Licence Agreement for Postal CodeOM Conversion File, Postal CodesOM by Federal Ridings File and Postal CodeOM Conversion File Plus ("data product").  The End-use Licence Agreement outlines the terms of use for the data product, and includes an Appendix A, Approved Postal Code Data Matching Uses for DLI Accredited Canadian Post Secondary Institution.

Only authorized users of DLI member institutions may use Postal Code information, such as PCCF and census profiles by postal code, for academic, teaching, and research purposes.  Postal code information may not be used for contractual or income-generating activity, and cannot be redistributed outside the DLI .

Appendix 3, ammended April 1, 2014 of the Licence Agreement outlines the conditions for using the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) Research Analytic Files from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). DLI members can use data from the DADs for academic and research purposes only. It is stipulated in the licence that the data from CIHI cannot be shared with anyone outside DLI institutions nor can it be used for commercial purposes.

Any other data that may be added to the DLI collection coming from outside Statistics Canada will be added to the Licence under an Appendix.

Browse or search through examples of prior licensing questions. If you have questions or you would like to request a copy of the licence, please contact the DLI team.

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