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Historical Statistics of Canada
Cambridge University Press
Call Number: HA746 U7

Historical Statistics of Canada (second edition)
Catalogue Number: 11-516-X

The second edition of Historical statistics of Canada was jointly produced by the Social Science Federation of Canada and Statistics Canada in 1983. This volume contains about 1,088 statistical tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of Confederation in 1867 to the mid-1970s. The tables are arranged in sections with an introduction explaining the content of each section, the principal sources of data for each table, and general explanatory notes regarding the statistics. In most cases, there is sufficient description of the individual series to enable the reader to use them without consulting the numerous basic sources referenced in the publication.

Canada Year Book


Catalogue Number: 11-402-X

This publication has been discontinued as of April 2013. The last issue of this publication was November 2012.The Canada Year Book 2006 to 2012 is available online in html and pdf formats. The Canada Year Book Historical Collection features digital year books from 1867 to 1967.

Presented in almanac style, the 2012 Canada Year Book contains more than 500 pages of tables, charts and succinct analytical articles on every major area of Statistics Canada's expertise. The Canada Year Book is the premier reference on the social and economic life of Canada and its citizens.

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure

The CCRI is a pan-Canadian multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional effort to develop a set of interrelated databases centered on data from the 1911, 1921, 1931, 1941, and 1951 Canadian censuses.

Household counts: Canadian households and families in 1901.
University of Toronto Press
Peter Baskerville
Call Number: HQ559 H68 2007

Census of Canada

Historical Census Collection – Internet Archive

Census publications have all been digitized and are now available on the Internet Archive website.

Introduction to Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871
Catalogue Number: 98-187-X

Censuses of Canada, 1665 to 1871, Statistics of Canada, Volume IV was printed in Ottawa, in 1876, from the Censuses of Canada, 1870-71. This volume contains about 343 statistical tables on the social and economic conditions in Canada from the earliest settlements to Confederation and onto 1871. The results from 98 censuses are arranged in chronological order, with some explanatory notes. In most cases, there are sufficient descriptions of the individual series to enable the reader to use them without consulting the numerous basic sources referenced in the publication.

Censuses - Library and Archives Canada

The Census: One hundred years ago
Perspectives on Labour and Income. Summer 1991 (Vol. 3, No. 2) Article No. 1

Houle, René, and Amélie Cambron-Prémont. "Les concepts et les questions posées sur les langues aux recensements canadiens de 1901 à 1961." Cahiers québécois de démographie 44.2 (2015): 291-310.

The Politics of Population. State Formation, Statistics, and the Census of Canada, 1840-1875
University of Toronto Press
Bruce Curtis
Call Number: HA37 .C22 C87 2001

The Dominion Bureau of Statistics

The Dominion Bureau of Statistics: A History of Canada's Central Statistics Office and its Antecedents, 1841-1972
Catalogue Number: 12-582-XPE

Dominion Bureau of Statistics – History, Function, Organization
Catalogue Number: 12-D-52

History of Official Statistics in Canada
David A. Worton
Catalogue Number: DVD-ROM 011

Robert H. Coats, Architect of Canada's National Statistical System
David A. Worton
Catalogue Number: STC1603

Annual Report of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics
Statistics Canada
Catalogue Number: 11-201

Statistics Canada

75 Years and Counting: A History of Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada
Catalogue Number: 11-531

The Dawn of Canada's Century: Hidden Histories
Catalogue Number: FC550 D39 2014

Written by many of Canada's leading historical researchers, The Dawn of Canada's Century demonstrates the wide-ranging and revealing social histories made possible by the new Canadian Century Research Infrastructure, an innovative database of national samples of decennial census microdata, from 1911 through 1951. This revealing collection sheds new light on topics including identity and language, the socio-demography of aboriginal populations, national labour market dynamics, earnings distributions, social mobility, gender and immigration experiences, and the technologies of census taking.

The Age of Numbers: Statistical Systems and National Traditions
Catalogue Number: HA12 E73 2000

Quel effet ont sur nous les classements et mesures statistiques ? Exerçons-nous, en retour, une action sur ces mesures ? C'est en prenant en compte les différences nationales et les barrières entre les diverses disciplines que les auteurs répondent à ces questions. Ils font le point sur l'évolution de la statistique comme mode de connaissance et de gestion du monde social et évaluent les outils mathématiques ou formels qui en constituent le fonds technique, les assises matérielles qui en assurent le déploiement et les demandes d'information qui en légitiment l'existence

The Development and Evolution of the National Accounts: 'This Great Invention of the 20th Century'
Robert B. Crozier
Catalogue Number: 13F0028XPE

Canadian System of National Accounts: CSNA: Catalogue of Products
Statistics Canada
Catalogue Number: 13F0029XPB

A History of Business Surveys at Statistics Canada: From the Era of the Gifted Amateur to that of Scientific Methodology
David A. Worton
Catalogue Number: 61F0074XPE

History of the Canadian Labour Force Survey, 1945 to 2016
Catalogue Number: 75-005-M

Exploring the first century of Canada's Consumer Price Index (62-604-X)
Julie Charest, Julia White
Catalogue Number: 62-604-X

This paper surveys the history of Statistics Canada's Consumer Price Index (CPI) from its origins to today. It discusses changes in the construction, scope and uses of the CPI within the context of historical events.

Annual Report
Statistics Canada
Catalogue Number: 11-201

Publications Catalogues

Historical Catalogue of Dominion Bureau of Statistics Publications, 1918-1960
Dominion Bureau of Statistics, DBS Library

DBS Catalogue
Dominion Bureau of Statistics

Current Publications of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics
Dominion Bureau of Statistics

Historical Catalogue of Statistics Canada Publications, 1918-1980

Supersedes the Historical catalogue of Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1918-1960 and all eleven catalogues of current publications from 1960, including the 1981 issue of the Statistics Canada Catalogue

Listing of Supplementary Documents
Statistics Canada, Library

This publication provides a listing of Statistics Canada research papers, technical reports and conference proceedings which are not covered in the Statistics Canada Catalogue. The current edition is a revised cumulation which includes more than 400 new items and replaces and updates previous editions. Beginning with the 1991 issue, each issue supersedes existing issues.

Listing of Supplementary Documents, Supplement
Statistics Canada, Library

This is a systematic inventory of supplementary Statistics Canada documents available to the public, including technical papers, memoranda, and discussion and working papers.


Beaud, J. & Prevost, J. (1998) The politics of measurable precision: The emergence of sampling techniques in Canada's Dominion. Canadian Historical Review. 79, 4, 691, Dec. 1998. (PDF Full-text available)

Worton, David A. (1998) Canada comes of age statistically. Canadian Business Economics 6.4, 70. (PDF Full-text available)

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