List of all RDC projects within the last 12 months

RDC projects from October 2015 – September 2016 inclusively
Contract Title Principal Investigator Data Cycle
Another case of welfare cycling? Exploring social assistance participation in London, Ontario Tracy Smith-Carrier OSAD
Language data in the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure Chad Gaffield Census
Mesures et déterminants des inégalités de revenu chez les peuples Autoc Gérard Duhaime NHS
Comparaison de la santé mentale des adultes Canadiens et de leurs beso Aline Drapeau CCHS
Lung function prediction equations for Canadian caucasian population usin Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan CHMS
Socioeconomic status and variation in laryngeal cancer stage at diagnosis James Ted McDonald CCR, VSD
Does age at immigration influence Canadian immigrant employment in trad Parvinder Hira-Friesen Census, LFS
Labour markets in the US and Canada over the great recession: A compar Fabian Lange LFS
Positive functioning and emotional well-being among Canadian armed forc Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) CCHS, CFMHS
Childhood trauma and addiction and mental health outcomes in the NLSCY John Ziker NLSCY
The relationship between obesity and work experience Saibiao Peng CCHS, NPHS
Exploring access to dental insurance and use of dental care among immigrants: Some insights from the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada Yujiro Sano LSIC
An examination of the co-occurrence and correlates of chronic pain and ge Renée El-Gabalawy CCHS
Canadian Index for Measuring Integration Jack Jedwab CCHS, Census, CSGVP, EDS, GSS, LFS, LSIC, NHS, NSGVP
Household food insecurity as a simple heuristic for mapping income and c Daniel James Dutton CCHS
The impact of Aboriginal health on their livelihoods in Canada Bruno Wichmann APS, CCHS
Gender differences in the relationship between childhood trauma and cardi Hayat Garad NPHS
The effect of fruit and vegatable consumption and physical activity on the risk of glaucoma Ramanpreet Brar NPHS
The effects of gender and cultural diversity on economic prosperity of Cana Behnoush Amery WES
The impact of economic factor on sleeping time Golnaz Sedigh CCHS, GSS
Analyzing variation in voter turnout across time and space Zachary Taylor Census
Report on domestic and sexual violence in Ontario Janice Dumont GSS
Étude comparative et différentielle de l'évolution d'indices de santé mental Jimmy Bourque CCHS
Information technology and innovation in Canada: Firm-level evidence Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir WES
Economic integration and remittance behaviour of immigrants in Canada: A Muhammad Murshed Chowdhury LSIC, SLID
Does the type of childcare services received during childhood significantly Jovanka Charbonneau NLSCY
Understanding the gender gap in financial literacy: The role of confidence i Raquel Fonseca Benito CFCS
Dynamics of poverty: The effect of health and civil status shocks Raquel Fonseca Benito LISA
Disability and workplace harassment and discrimination among Canadian Andrea M Jones PSES
Déterminants de l'engagement linguistique des francophones en milieu mi Dominique Pépin-Filion SVOLM
The relationship between food consumption, BMI and absenteeism Helen So (Lee) CCHS
Physical activity and chronic back disorders in Canadian adults Brenna Lea Bath CCHS, NPHS
Import exposure and health status Lori J. Curtis CCHS, GSS, LFS, NPHS
Explaining educational achievement among Aboriginal individuals: How im Melanie O'Gorman APS
Evaluation of indicators for system performance measures in adolescent a Charlene Susan Rae CCR, VSD
Residential sorting and neighbourhood fixed effects Andrea Nicole Craig Census, NHS
Assessing knowledge and use of Canada's food guide to healthy eating Adriana Mudryj CCHS
Comparing severity of alcohol problems and depression using two Alberta Jesse Jahrig CCHS
Mediating place and politics Daniel Silver GSS
Les déterminants du faible revenu et du faible revenu persistant : Mise à jo Hélène Roberge CIS, SLID
The impact of child care costs on women labour supply in Canada Jovanka Charbonneau CIS, SLID
Unemployment, marginal attachment and labour force participation in Cana W. Craig Riddell LFS
The labour market outcomes of immigrants to Canada based on their post-secondary field of study Nicholas Manuel Census, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
From 'migrant' to 'citizen': The labour market integration of former caregiver Rupa Banerjee PRLF
Cardiometabolic health and physical activity in South Asians immigrants in Canada Sukhleen Deol CCHS, CHMS
Human capital versus signaling, disentangling the sheepskin effect Xian Zhang Census, LFS, NHS, SLID
Parcours professionnel atypique et passage à la retraite Jonathan Purenne GSS
Immigration inflows and the response of domestic labour supply Matthew Courchene LFS
Pathways to positive mental health: A comparison of combat exposed Can Brigitte Phinney CFMHS
Homeownership among visible minority immigrant population in Canada Ather Akbari Census
Assessing the outcomes of 3-year and 4-year university graduates Brittany Etmanski NGS, SED
Correlates of self-reported delinquency in Canada: A regional analysis of th Jason Penner NLSCY
Nunavut Inuit labour force analysis Heidi Martin APS, Census, NHS, PIAAC
Accessibilité à l’enseignement postsecondaire des Autochtones au Canada, déterminants contextuels, familiaux et individuels Halima Kerdine APS, Other Non-StatCan
Wind turbines and health in Ontario and Prince Edward Island (PEI) Nancy Krieger CNHS
Examining determinants and consequences of work injuries among older w Peter Matthew Smith CCHS, GSS, NPHS
Gender differences in trauma exposure and the development of PTSD am Jitender Sareen CFMHS
The impact of embedded family role on entrepreneurial decisions Danielle (Dorice) van Jaarsveld LISA
An examination of sexual minority men's gender-typed sport involvement; E Lindsay Kalbfleisch CCHS
Dynamics of disability and work in Canada Mehmet Umut Oguzoglu NPHS, SLID
La dynamique de la pauvreté chez les aînés Canadiens Marc-André Tourangeau LISA
The impact of various social post-settlement factors on Canadian immigran Tina Luu Ly LSIC
Les conséquences salariales de la surqualification chez les diplômés post Jocelyn Lefebvre Census
Long-term mental health outcomes of childhood hunger Lynn L. McIntyre NLSCY
An investigation of the life quality of adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis in Canada Arezou Zaresani CSD, PALS
Does the child fitness tax credit program make children more active? Van Hai Nguyen CCHS
Financial hardship and care-related out-of-pocket expenditures Karen Ann Duncan GSS
Assessing and describing the ability of a clinical tool to identify children with Daniel James Dutton NLSCY
Mental health outcomes and treatment seeking in CAF members at risk for Anthony Nazarov CFMHS
Effects of incentives-based policy changes in employment insurance refor Casey Warman LFS, SLID
Use of dental care services among recent immigrants: Evidence from the 2014 Canadian Community Health Survey Yujiro Sano CCHS
Poverty and dysglycemia in Canada's children and adolescents Jonathan McGavock CHMS
Comparative analysis of employment standards across contexts Leah Faith Vosko GSS, LFS, SLID
Retirement age and mental health, health care consumption in Canada Zhaoxue Ci CCHS
The impact of dietary sodium reduction in the Canadian population Hena Qureshi CHMS
Prevalence of overweight, obesity, and associated factors in children and y Laura C. Rosella CHMS
STEM Work: The intersection of gender, race and migrant status Monica Boyd Census, NHS
Multiple moves and the social and economic attainments of immigrant grou Monica Boyd GSS, NHS
Language use in the work place: Trends and consequences for immigrants Monica Boyd Census, NHS
Early predictors of work life quality Amy Ramnarine YITS
Worker displacement, skills, and specific job tasks across Canadian business cycles Fraser Summerfield LFS, SLID
Violence and the labour market: Evidence from Canada Fraser Summerfield LFS, Other Non-StatCan
Property rights for the First Nations communities: The effects on investment and income of the First Nations Land Management Act Paskynel Jacques-Arvisais Census, NHS
Understanding the impact of child maltreatment on education and economi Jaime Wegner-Lohin CCHS, NHS
The impact of socio-economic status on cancer risk using individual-level Wasem Alsabbagh CanCHEC, MCFS
The relationship between the child obesity and cognition Hengjun Lin NLSCY, Other Non-StatCan
Monetary poverty in First Nations community: Low-income measures and r Sajjad Taghizadeh Imani Census, NHS
Health policy and health inequalities in Canada: Evidence from the NPHS XiaoYu Gong LISA, NPHS
The effect of public insurance on the adherence to prescription drugs: A cro Taylor Rubinato CCHS
Health human resources: Supply, demand, and dynamics Lennox Arthur Sweetman CCHS, Census, LFS, NHS, NPHS
Identité culturelle, travail et santé mentale. Une étude dans la main-d 'oeuvr Christiane Liliane Kammogne NPHS
The effects of streaming in Canadian high schools on post-secondary outc Firrisaa Abdulkarim YITS
The Canadian child safety report card: A comparison of injury prevention pr Liraz Fridman VSD
Impact de la pollution sur le développement de l'enfance et ses prédicteur Antoine Thompson-Leduc NLSCY, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
Economic benefits of obtaining an economics degree in Canada Ather Akbari Census
Transportation accessibility and labour market outcomes among immigran Elizabeth Pis Census, NHS
Differential experiences and consequences of work-family conflict across C Marisa Christine Young GSS
Explaining cross-country income differences with culture Stein Monteiro GSS
Investment, frictional matching, and the rise of wage inequality in Canada Jacob Schwartz WES
Explaining divergence in economic trajectories following partnership dissol Gaelle Simard-Duplain LISA
Life dynamics and disadvantages: How the life-cycle and socio-economic changes affect political participation in a life time? Valérie-Anne Mahéo-Le Luel NLSCY
Development of sex-specific prediction algorithms for predicting the onset Xiangfei Meng NLSCY, NPHS
Recent trends of intimate partner violence against men in Canada Emeka Dim GSS
Exploring the socio-economic and environmental determinants of chronic b Punam Pahwa APS
The geography of precarious employment: An analysis of the spatial dimensions of precarious employment in Canada Khogali Ali Waad EICS, LFS, NHS
Access to Canada National Population Health Survey Valerie Gilbert Ulep NPHS
Coûts et bénéfices des services de santé mentale auprès des jeunes du N Anne Dezetter CCHS
Alcohol and drugs substitutes or complements Meijun Zhu CCHS, NPHS
Spousal bereavement and successful aging: A life course approach Lisa Ann Strohschein NPHS
La délocalisation des emplois supérieurs du centre-ville vers les périphéries : Le cas de la région métropolitaine de recensement de Montréal, 1996-2011 Benjamin Duquet Census, NHS
Gender wage gap in Canada: Does the "equal pay for equal work" principl Dmitrii (Dimitry) Shcherbakov LFS
Work productivity in multiple sclerosis Larry Lynd SLNCC
Idéations suicidaires et tentatives de suicide au cours de l'adolescence et Marie-Claude Geoffroy NLSCY
L'évolution de la mobilité dans les 25 dernières années et ses relations av Ugo Lachapelle GSS
Understanding employment outcomes of people with disabilities Alison Marie Konrad CSD
Returns to education and access to employment among Aboriginal groups Danielle Kathryn Lamb APS, LFS, NHS
Residential location of millennials: A Calgary case study Trina Burgess Census, NHS
Les enjeux de santé chez les minorités sexuelles au Canada Laurence Beauvais-Dubois CCHS
Qui est entrepreneur au Canada? Laura-Viviane Daoust-Renard SSE
Les compétences des professionnels de l'éducation au Canada Carla Barroso da Costa PIAAC
Cultural roots of entrepreneurship: The labour market behaviour of ethno-lin Genet Zinabou Census, Other Non-StatCan
Transmission intergénérationnelle du revenu au Canada Catherine Maredith Haeck Census, NLSCY
Political profile of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community Andrea Perrella GSS
Estimating the economic cost of excess weight in Canada Katherine Burns CCHS, Other Non-StatCan
The association between child maltreatment and dating violence in Canad Douglas A. Brownridge GSS
The association between child maltreatment and post separation violence Douglas A. Brownridge GSS
The association between child maltreatment and pregnancy violence in Ca Douglas A. Brownridge GSS
The association between child maltreatment and violence against persons Douglas A. Brownridge GSS
The association between child maltreatment and IPV in interracial relations Douglas A. Brownridge GSS
Biological and socioeconomic determinants of overweight and obesity in C Celia Rodd CCHS, CHMS, Other Non-StatCan
Est-ce que les environnements sociaux et physiques des individus influenc Laurence Letarte CCHS
Predictors of sleep apnea in the Canadian population Susara van der Spuy CCHS
Applicability of the SPRINT trial to the Canadian population Rajdeep S. Padwal CHMS
Marriage and cohabitation in Canada: The reasons why individuals choos Eve Dewald GSS
Is there an "English model" of the second demographic transition? Evidenc Simona Bignami-Van Assche GSS
Unpacking the intersection of violence against women and animals in the h Amy J. Fitzgerald GSS
Fluoride exposure and behavioural outcomes in Canadian children: Canad Christine Till CHMS
Coping and other psychosocial correlates of positive mental health among Mark Zamorski CFMHS
Assessing the labour market outcomes of university graduates by program Brad Seward NGS
A comparative analysis of immigrant labour market performance in Australi Mikal Skuterud Census, NHS
Relationship between lifestyle behaviours, social determinants of health, and mental health in Canadian immigrants across the life course Oluwabukola Salami CHMS
Égalité et indépendance? Éclairer les enjeux de la révision de la politique familiale québécoise Benoit Joseph Jean Roger Laplante Census, LFS, NHS
Evaluation of Ontario's universal influenza immunization program Jeffrey Cheng Yu Kwong CCHS, NPHS
The causal effect of retirement on health in Canada Elham Adibnia NPHS
Nutrient intake adequacy and diet quality of Canadian consumers versus n Mary Murphy CCHS
Working-class women in the professoriate Lynn Arner AETS, ASETS, NGS, PEPES, SAEP, SED
The social determinants of birth outcomes in Canada Chantel Ramraj MES, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
Is organized screening an enabling or need-based factor for cervical canc Samiratou Ouedraogo CCHS
Mémoire de maîtrise : Liens entre les compétences des employés et l'atta Simon Savard LISA
Diabetes-related complications in Canada: The epidemiological and economic burden of diabetes complications and cost-effectiveness of community-based interventions Mohsen Yaghoubi Kalaterahman, SLCDC
Long-term health-related benefits of greenness: Results from a Canadian n Dan Crouse CCHS, CanCHEC, MCFS
Qualifications: The link between educational and occupational pathways, a Leesa Wheelahan NGS, NHS
Commuting mode and the creative class: Individual human capital and mo Christopher Higgins Census, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
Negative childhood experiences and the suicide continuum Michael Martin CCHS
Overeducated graduates in the Canadian labour market Shunxian Yu NGS
Assessing the socioeconomic and health status of the Canadians that had Yi-Sheng Chao CCHS
Clinical recommendations and self-management of mood and anxiety diso Scott Patten SLCDC
Taking Kingston's equity pulse: An application and critical evaluation of the Urban HEART@Toronto methodology to investigate the intra-city social and health inequities of Kingston, ON Kyle Pakeman CCHS, VSD
A look in to the relationship between university attributes and the earnings o Alex Sernoskie NGS
Social determinants of child vaccination in Canada Richard Michael Carpiano CNICS
Online banking and household debt in Canada Brian P. Cozzarin CFCS
Investigating the effects of changes to ophthalmic dispensing policy in BC o Sean Nurmsoo CCHS
The relationship between community-level ethnic composition and perceiv Katharine Elder CCHS
The institutional capacity of non-CMAs for immigrant entrepreneurship in Ca Sonia Nguyen LSIC
A dynamic analysis of diabetes and employment in Canada Mina Alizadehsadrdaneshpour NPHS
Retiree migration in Ontario - Examining housing decisions and property tax contributions Omar Abouhassan NHS
Labour market outcomes of Canadian immigrants: The role of education-jo Jason G. Dean SLID
Inequality of mortality in Canada Michael Baker Census, NHS, VSD
Gender segregation in skills and occupations Michael Baker Census, LFS, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
Food insecurity in Canada Melissa Subnath APS, CCHS, Census, NHS
Utilisation des méthodes de forages de données pour mieux comprendre l Maimouna Bagna CCHS, CHMS
Understanding and explaining the relationship and between sport and substance use among Canadian youth Travis Sztainert NLSCY
Analyse dynamique et comparative de la pauvreté, de sa persistence et d Manuel Paradis LISA, SLID
Impact of the 2008 increase in the age of consent on teen births in Canada Louise-Pierre P Lepage VSD
Work incentives of Ontario works recipients Nadine Chami OSAD
Gentrification and seniors: Longitudinal analyses tracking movements of se Rania Abdelrahman Faddy Wasfi CCHS, NPHS
L'intégration différenciée à l'emploi au Québec chez les femmes noires im Allamine Alhadj Hanane NHS
Determining the influence of food insecurity on mental health among Canad Jessica Oickle NPHS
Identifying the impact of aging on socioeconomic health inequality in frailty status Misbahul Islam CCHS, NPHS
L'intégration économique des jeunes issus de l'immigration au Québec et Brahim Boudarbat Census, LFS, NHS
Relationships between stress and health behaviours among pregnant and Kelsey Dancause CCHS
Measuring neighbourhood changes in Atlantic Canada cities Risa (Lisa) Kaida CCHS, Census, NHS
Access to VLT and gambling behaviours Mehmet Umut Oguzoglu CCHS, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
Immigration and crime Haimin Zhang Census, Other Non-StatCan
Validation of out-of-home placement rates assessed in the National House Vandna Sinha NHS
Care-related out-of-pocket expenses Karen Ann Duncan GSS
The impact of regionalization on health care accessibility in Canada Mehdi Ammi CCHS
Impact of maternity leave on seasonal distribution of parental socio-econo Paul James Spin Census, EICS, GSS, LFS, VSD
Fathers and leave-taking in Canada Dennis Ren EICS, LFS, SLID
Exploring test gaps in education outcomes Margaret Jones NLSCY
Child poverty and nutrition among Aboriginal people in Canada Simona Bignami-Van Assche APS, CCHS
La victimisations criminelle au Québec Marie-Andrée Gravel GSS
Étude de l'état nutritionnel et du syndrome métabolique chez les québécoi Carole Blanchet CHMS
Réussite scolaire et maternité précoce chez les femmes Autochtones Virginie Boulet APS
Factors associated with prescription opioid use: Evidence from Canada Karen Ugarte Bravo NPHS
The effect of the policy change allowing regulated health professionals flexibility of share ownership in a professional corporation Lars Nielsen Census, NHS
Temporal changes in Canada's paid care work force: The role of foreign workers Monica Boyd Census, LFS, NHS
Wage effects of unemployment benefit duration extensions: Evidence from Iain Snoddy LFS
Étude comparative des empreintes écologiques de 15 régions métropolita Roxana Miranda Llaque SHS
Evaluation de l'Impact sur l'environnement des catégories de dépenses d Charles Noel Konga Mopoum SHS
The effect of tax price on donations: Evidence from Canada Ross D. Hickey LAD
Cultural connectedness and health among First Nations, Métis, and Inuit pe Jeffrey Steven Denis APS
Are dietary factors associated with asthma and lung function in adolescents Ulfat Ara Khanam CHMS
Mental health and flourishing among Aboriginal Canadians: Findings from t Esme R. Fuller-Thomson APS, CCHS
Effect of teenage pregnancy on the mental health of First Nations, Métis, an Anita Benoit APS
Health care cost attributable to smoking Mahta Norouzi NPHS
Examining the underrepresentation of low-income mature students in posts Victoria Fritz SLID
Development of optimal vitamin D levels for non-skeletal health outcomes Banaz Al-khalidi CHMS
Réussite scolaire et persévérance des Autochtones au Canada, détermin Claire Durand APS
The effect of income taxation on self-employment status and the variables associated with that relationship Jean-Francois Wen SLID
Analyse des choix REER-CELI selon les parcours du revenus des Canadi Steeve Marchand LAD
Master of Applied Economics - Research Topics: Winter 2016 Atul Dar Census, CSGVP, LFS
Identifying patient characteristics that influence diagnosis and referral patter Rachel Lowe CCHS, SLCDC
The dynamics of the gradient between family socioeconomic status and ch Lan Wei NLSCY
Examination of how education impacts labour market outcomes for Indigenous Canadian women Cristina Mattison APS
Workers in the health care industry Lennox Arthur Sweetman LFS
The effect of corporate income tax on wage rate in Canada using difference Feng Wei SLID
A regression discontinuity approach on entrepreneurship in Canada Feng Wei SLID
Intergenerational effects of residential schooling on obesity rates among In Piotr Wilk APS, CCHS, Census, NHS
Income equity in access to psychotherapy Mary Bartram CCHS
The obesity trajectories of the Atlantic Canada population (1994 cohort) Yanqing Yi NPHS
The effect of job and pay satisfaction on probability of quitting Mohsen Javdani Haji WES
The influence of transition in family structure on child's outcome Yazhuo Pan NLSCY, YITS
Understanding the relationship between Aboriginal mobility and well-being Ashley Calhoun APS, Census, NHS
Migrants' beliefs and local labour market conditions Arvind Magesan Census, LFS, PRLF
Long term effects of maternal labour force participation Jennifer Stewart LAD
Stability and change in housing tenure and children's trajectories of mental health Jinette Comeau NLSCY
Socioeconomic status and children's mental health: How do different indica Jinette Comeau NLSCY
Estimate the burden of chronic diseases in Canada Jean-Eric Tarride APS, CCHS, NPHS, SLCDC
Immigrant and non-immigrant mortality differentials in Canada Frank Trovato Census, NHS, VSD
Niveau de scolarité et résultats sur le marché du travail chez les enfants d'i Jacques Pierre Olivier Ledent Census, NHS
Les immigrants provenant d'Afrique subsaharienne : Une comparaison de Solene Lardoux PRLF
The use of and unmet needs for home care services among Toronto's dive Seong-gee Um CCHS
Investigation of cancer and procedure related ionization in congenital heart disease patients Ariane Marelli CCR
Historical trauma, institutional trust, and the intergenerational transmission o Margaret Jones APS, VSD
Choix occupationnels suite à l'effondrement forestier Canadien Catherine Maredith Haeck LFS, SLID
Trajectories of adolescent problem behaviour: Exploring risk and protectiv Jake Keithley NLSCY
Licensed child care demand and affordability study for the city of Toronto Brendon Goodmurphy LFS, NHS, NLSCY, Other Non-StatCan, SYC
Socioeconomic inequalities in health among Aboriginal people in Canada: Mohammad Hajizadeh APS
Immigrant and non-immigrant wage differentials in Canada Danielle Kathryn Lamb LFS
Processed meat consumption in Canada: How much are we eating and how often? Adriana Mudryj CCHS, CHMS
Chronic conditions among military personnel Jitender Sareen CFMHS
Understanding the role of health in labour market outcomes among Canad Christina Hackett APS
Anxiety disorder in the Canadian military Jitender Sareen CCHS, CFMHS
A cross-sectional examination of precarious employment for graduating postsecondary cohorts in Canada, 1978-2013 Ashley Pullman LFS, NGS
The association between anthropometric measures and cardiovascular ris Stefan Kuhle CHMS
Iron status of Canadians Janice Randall Simpson CHMS
The relationship between mental health and labour market outcomes in Ca Danielle Kathryn Lamb CCHS
Immigrant financial security an analysis of differential saving patterns Cavita Meetun SFS
Financial incentives and the labour supply of disability benefits recipients: Evidence from Canada Arezou Zaresani LFS, OSAD, Other Non-StatCan
Trends in charitable donations by income group Michael Veall LAD
Enquête sur les dépenses des ménages, empreinte écologiques, bâtimen Claudiane Ouellet-Plamondon SHS
L'empreinte écologique induite par la consommation des ménages Canad Carl Jouaneau SHS
The effect of family functioning on behavioural problems in preschoolers Theresa (Hae Min) Kim SYC
Impact of mode of delivery on toddler's sleep duration in Canada Christy Costanian SYC
Prevalence and characteristics of patients opting for midwife-led prenatal c Peri Abdullah MES
Behaviours beneficial to bone health in patients with epilepsy Haya Fernandez CCHS, SLNCC
Medical and disability tax deduction use and differential mortality by lifetim Lennox Arthur Sweetman LAD
CIHR team grant on contexts of vulnerabilities, resiliencies and care among Cecilia M Benoit CCHS, GSS
Écart salarial entre les mères et les femmes sans enfants au Québec Marie Mélanie Fontaine GSS, LISA
An investigation of approaches to performance measurement: An applicati Amy Hsu RCFS
Transitions into and out of self-employment — Evidence from Canadian longi Philip Stewart Leonard LAD
Assessing activity-travel behaviour of caregiver-employees and measurin Anastassios Dardas GSS
Descriptive epidemiology of mood disorders in Canada Ruth Diaz CCHS, NPHS
Social and spatial determinants of mortality in the Maritimes using the 1991 Paul A. (HAD/DAS) Peters Census, MCFS, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
Charting household purchasing behaviour with respect to front-of-pack labe Anthea Christoforou Other Non-StatCan, SHS
Disability insurance eligibility and the Canadian labour supply Sara Tumpane LFS
Investigating psychosocial factors such as stress, as a reason for a higher t Syeda Kabir CCHS, NPHS
Private protection and public policing Ross D. Hickey Census, GSS, PCCF
Demographic information on deaths caused by alcoholic liver disease in C Rajvinder Singh CCHS, CTADS, VSD
Racial disparities in mortality in Canada Brittany McKinnon MCFS
Ontario's gender wage gap Tammy D. Schirle LFS, Other Non-StatCan
Modelling the potential health impact of the adoption of traffic light labelling i Marie-Eve Labonté CCHS
From C-section to health condition: The impact of C-section birth children's health outcomes Maripier Isabelle CHMS, MES, NLSCY
Extending health benefits to low-income Ontarians Godefroy Emmanuel Guindon CCHS, SHS, SLID, WES
Determining the relationship between participation in cultural activities and Alisa Fitisova APS, NHS
Cancer risk factors and screening behaviours in Inuit populations living in the 10 provinces (outside Northern Canada) Loraine Marrett APS, CCHS
Spatial modeling of leukemia cancer in Manitoba Mahmoud Torabi CCHS, CCR, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF, VSD
Spatial modeling of liver cancer in Manitoba Mahmoud Torabi CCHS, CCR, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF, VSD
Spatial modeling of colon cancer in Manitoba Mahmoud Torabi CCHS, CCR, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF, VSD
Spatial modeling of lung cancer in Manitoba Mahmoud Torabi CCHS, CCR, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF, VSD
Spatial modeling of respiratory morbidity conditions in Manitoba Mahmoud Torabi CCHS, CHMS, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
The effect of retirement on health and health behaviour in Canada: Evidenc Mehmet Umut Oguzoglu NPHS
The association between self-perceived financial barriers and documente David Campbell CCHS, Other Non-StatCan, SLCDC
Ethnic/racial and generational variations in home ownership Monica Boyd Census, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
Defining equitable access to natural space as a mental health-promoting ur Emily Rugel CCHS, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
New entrants to the Canadian labour market: Who fairs better? Yang Zou LSIC, NGS
Étude différentielle et méthodologique de questionnaires psychologiques François Vigneau CCHS
Understanding the cumulative effect: The intersection of gender, immigrant Alla Konnikov Census
A Canadian population-based study of the relationship between fluoride ex Amanda Marie Barberio CHMS
Residential energy use: Dwelling characteristics and demographics Runa Das HES
The prevalence and characteristics of water-pipe smoking in Canada Peri Abdullah CTUMS
Identifying the determinants of parental knowledge, attitudes and behaviour Richard Michael Carpiano, PhD, MA, MPH CNICS
An examination of the poverty reduction impacts of child benefit options using the Market Basket Measure Yan Feng CIS, SLID
Does the effect of social class on sport participation among children chang Thomas A. Perks NLSCY
Does physical activity mediate the relationship between increased adiposi Brian McCrindle CHMS
Accounting for immigration in a firm's decision to export Miguel Cardoso WES
Comparison of the CLSA tracking cohort with other national surveys in Cana Lauren Griffith CCHS, CHMS
Profit-sharing plans and employment stability: Teamwork, employment sta Tao (Tony) Fang WES
Developing predictive models to quantify happiness Xiaoqiong Joan Hu CCHS
Age-friendly environment: Exploring the relations between built environment Jielan Xu Census, GSS, NHS, Other Non-StatCan
Association between body mass index and macronutrients among Canadi Foyez Haque CCHS
A microsimulation analysis of hidden heterogeneity in population mortality Vid Bijelic MCFS
Factors associated with employment for graduates of Canadian health scie Elena Yammine NGS
Understanding the unmet health care needs of Aboriginal Canadians Helen Cerigo APS
A key aspect of the partnership's mandate is the ability to report on the pro Sharon Fung CCHS, CCR, PCCF, SMARC, VSD
Understanding the link between human capital renewal and organizational i Christopher Zatzick WES
Unequal oral treatment: Exploring access to dental care of immigrants in C Yujiro Sano CHMS
Régime québécois d'assurance parentale : Retombées économiques (le Guy Lacroix EICS, LFS
Les déterminants socioéconomiques des changements dans la distribution des décès selon l'âge, le sexe et la cause au Canada Robert Bourbeau CanCHEC, MCFS
Exploring the relationship between physical fitness and health of Canadian Richard Larouche CHMS
The prevalence of cyberbullying and its impact on mental health in young a Soyeon Kim GSS
Capturing food intake in epidemiologic research: Using the Canadian Com Ilona Csizmadi CCHS, Other Non-StatCan
Physical health and at-risk health behaviours in children and adults with atte Sydney Osland CCHS, CHMS
Societal cost effectiveness and Return On Investment (ROI) of school healt Paul Veugelers CCHS, CHMS, NLSCY, NPHS
Profile and long-term outcomes of Canadians with complete mental health Esme R. Fuller-Thomson CCHS, NPHS
Dietary factors associated with the prevalence of childhood respiratory con Charlie Victorino CHMS
The effect of social connectedness and social support on mental and physical health among elderly Canadians Natalie Iciaszczyk CCHS
Depression and sexual orientation in a national population sample Roger Scott CCHS, CFMHS
Employer learning, wage profiles and university quality Miana Plesca YITS
Ethno-specific patterns of cigarette smoking and recency of smoking initiation among Canadian immigrants — A multi-level analysis John Moraros CCHS
Demande d'accès pour l'ELNEJ des cycles 1 à 8 Myriam Lemelin NLSCY
Ecological modernization among Canadian consumers Ravi Shankar Pendakur HES
Analyse de long-terme des inégalités socio-économiques par cohorte de Pierre Lefebvre CIS, GSS, IALSS, PIAAC, PISA, SCF, SLID
Exploration d'indices de vulnérabilité sociale pour prédire l'utilisation des services de santé de première ligne et le déclin de la santé fonctionnelle — Comparaison de l'indice de Pampalon et de l'indice individuel de vulnérabilité sociale Jean Lois Haggerty Census, NHS, Other Non-StatCan, PCCF
The impact of occupational licensing on labour earnings inequality Tingting Zhang LFS, SLID
Clustering of risk behaviours in Canadian adults: The relationship between Anan Bader Eddeen CCHS
Understanding the factors that influence the employment and retention of int Yaw Okae Owusu Census, NGS, NHS
Why is work stress higher in Quebec than in other provinces? Golnaz Sedigh CCHS
Did tuition deregulation change the socio-economic composition of profess Saul Schwartz NGS
Commuting and automobility in Canada Kenneth Bruce Newbold CCHS, GSS, NHS
Tests des modèles de comportement des ménages sur des données can Marine Lebouvier SHS
Vitamin D status and anthropometric measurements in Canadian healthy ch Sarah Finch CHMS, Other Non-StatCan
Intimidation, dépression et comportements suicidaires à l'adolescence, as Catherine Herba NLSCY
Is there a difference in the intakes of crucial one-carbon nutrients (choline, f Brenda Hartman CCHS
Changes in the prevalence of chronic conditions over time: An age, period Elizabeth M. Badley NPHS
Decolonizing methodologies: A resurgence approach to urban Indigenous Jacqueline Quinless APS, NHS
CCHS 2009-2010 for "Estimating losses in health-related quality of life asso Pranay Das CCHS
Dual-earning parents' work-family balance and time with children: The mod Shuting Xie GSS
Determinants of blood and levels of antimony, molybdenum and nickel in a Maryse Bouchard CHMS
Labour markets, mobility and place: A comparison between St. John's and Kathleen Fitzpatrick Census, NHS
Equity in care: Measuring the impact of Quebec's child care policies on he Thomas James Charters CCHS, NLSCY
Economics BS — Research Hazim Yigit Aydede Census, CSGVP, LFS, NHS
The effect of shiftwork on depression: Analysis of the National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses Amy Hall NSWHN
Environmental contaminant exposure and asthma in Canadian children Jillian Ashley-Martin CHMS
Mariage et union de fait : Impact du statut marital sur le travail des femmes (travail rémunéré et travail domestique) Alexandre Rheaume SLID
Indexing behaviours indicative of eco-citizenship among the Canadian population Matthew Perks HES
Obesity and the Canadian labour force Kamin Peyrow CCHS
Immigrants' knowledge skills and their long-run labour market outcomes Jue Zhang Census, LFS, NHS, SLID
Effects of postal code geocoding on the calculation of small-area rates Paul A. (HAD/DAS) Peters Census, VSD
Effect of Canadian public smoking bans Philip Stewart Leonard CCHS
CCHS 1.2 for "The income nexus: Income insecurity, addictive behaviour and health outcomes" Pranay Das CCHS
The role of drug insurance in reducing income inequality in children's health Ekaterina Bezrukova CCHS, NLSCY, NPHS
Relationship between lifetime traumatic events, mental disorders and suicidal behaviours in Canadian military personnel Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) CFMHS
Relationship between children's sedentary behaviour, physical activity, obesity and psychosocial outcomes: An investigation using the Canadian Health Measures Survey Richard Larouche CHMS
Gay pay in Canada: Sexual orientation and the Canadian labour market Sean Waite CCHS, Census, GSS, NHS
Requesting the access to Research Data Centre to carry out the data analy Verginia Coonghe CHMS
Working in "bad jobs": Immigrants in the new Canadian economy Alice Hoe SLID
Inequalities in social determinants of health in the Ontario trans population Rachel Giblon CCHS
An analysis of BC's carbon tax: Household automobile fuel use Chad Lawley Other Non-StatCan, SHS
Understanding the processing of court cases in Canada — A proposal to work with CCJS court data Anthony Doob ACCS, ICCS
Using frequency of gambling and interference with important life domains to Tracie Afifi (Olfrey) CCHS
Activity and participation patterns of children with and without autism Emily Bremer NLSCY
Assessing trends in major depression prevalence of Canadian adolescent Kathryn Wiens CCHS, NPHS
Infants born large for gestational age and developmental outcomes in earl Cairina Frank NLSCY

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