Step 2: Census product reference

Choose the product type from the list below that best describes your census product and click to see descriptions of the essential elements to include, as well as examples of references, shown in the order used in Statistics Canada's style.1 Use the Publications search engine or Bibliocat to furnish missing information for your reference. Then go to step 3 to finish your reference in your preferred style.

Elements shown in square parentheses may not be required in all cases. An oblique (/) between two elements means that one of them must be included.

Census reference products
Essential elements2 (Examples)
Author. Year. Title 3A. [Catalogue.] [Place.] Publisher. Release./Update. [URL.] [Notes.] 

Census tables and maps from the Statistics Canada website
Essential elements2,3 (Examples)
Author. Year. Title 3B. [Title 2B.] [Title 2B.] Title 4A. [Catalogue.] [Place.] Publisher. Update./Release. [Pages.] URL. [Notes.]

Census graphs, tables and maps from a publication
Essential elements2 (Examples)
Author. Year. Title 1. [Title 2A.] Title 3A. [Edition.] [Editor.] Catalogue. [Place.] [Publisher.] [Pages.] [Update.] [URL.] [Notes.]

Census analysis
Essential elements2 (Examples)
Author. Year. [Title 2A.] Title 3A. Catalogue. Place. Publisher. [Pages.] [Series.] [URL.] [Notes.]

Census microdata
Essential elements2,4 (Examples)
Author. Year. Computer file. Producer. Distributor. [Release.] [URL.] [Notes.]

Census boundary files
Essential elements2 (Examples)
Author. Year. Computer file. [Catalogue.] [Producer.] [Distributor.] [GIS.] [Release.] [URL.] [Notes.]

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  1. The essential elements have been ordered to reflect the style recommended for references in Statistics Canada's Style Guide. How these elements are ordered, capitalized, italicized or punctuated is a matter of style and so can vary. You can easily adapt your references to your required style. What is most important is to include the right essential elements to enable your readers to find the original source.
  2. If the name of the census ('2001 Census,' '2006 Census,' etc.) is not part of the title, add it as a separate element after the last-mentioned title.
  3. Use first Title 2B to denote a component page of secondary web page (second Title 2B).
  4. Public-use microdata files are available at no additional charge to Canadian educational institutions participating in the Data Liberation Initiative. Always include the following in the Notes element when citing a public-use microdata file or its subset: "All computations, use and interpretation of these data are entirely those of the author(s)."