Statistics Canada's accessibility commitment

StatCan is committed to the prevention, identification, and removal of accessibility barriers. The accessibility plan will serve as a framework to ensure accessibility in our services, products and facilities for our employees and the public we serve. Employees need to be able to function effectively, and clients need to receive timely, high-quality services in a way that works for them.

To implement the plan, we will continually work with persons with disabilities and partners to prioritize our commitments. We will update our implementation and delivery plans to reflect lessons learned, ongoing research, best practices and new standards or requirements. As required by the Accessible Canada Regulations, StatCan will submit an annual progress report on the implementation of the accessibility plan and publish updates online.

We are refining our Accessibility Measurement Framework to evaluate the prevalence of barriers for StatCan employees, respondents, and data users with disabilities and to assess our capacity to address them. We will implement a planning and reporting structure that validates our results with persons with disabilities and includes transparent reporting on their feedback. We recognize that feedback is critical to the process of identifying and removing barriers to participation and improving how we deliver our services. We will ensure that a mechanism is put in place so employees and clients can provide feedback on the current state of accessibility at StatCan.

The accessibility plan, feedback mechanism and performance measurement strategy represent commitments that we will make to get real results for Canadians, especially those with disabilities. Our accessibility effort will advance through the design, planning, implementation, reflection, and adjustment stages that will lead to a barrier-free StatCan by 2040.

Accessibility is everyone's responsibility, and you can help shape StatCan's accessibility commitment. We invite your comments and suggestions as we travel the road to accessibility together. We all must take part in ensuring the future state of accessibility at StatCan.

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