April 2018 List of Briefing Notes

April 2018 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
05/04/2018 Gender-Identity Pre-Briefing on meeting with LGBTQ2 secretariat + Release of Gender Standard OCS20180199 8
05/04/2018 Request for approval to send an answer to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Official Languages to a question asked during the appearance of Jean-Pierre Corbeil and Jane Badets before the Committee on March 21, 2018. OCS20180200 8
06/04/2018 BN to MINO: Release of the Audit Report on the Physycial Security (National Capital Region) OCS20180203 3
06/04/2018 Comparing domestic and international measures of government debt OCS20180204 5
12/04/2018 PSMAC: 1) Overview of Pension Dependencies on Pay; 2) Classification Program Renewal Initiative: Modernization of the Program and Administrative Services Group OCS20180209 3
12/04/2018 2018-19 Departmental Plan: Supplementary Information posted online OCS20180210 3
12/04/2018 Statistics Canada response to the recommendations of the Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) OCS20180212 8
13/04/2018 Statistics Canada Q&A's and Fact Sheet for the Minister of Canadian Heritage regarding recommendatioons from report on M-103 OCS20180214 8
13/04/2018 Meeting with National Chief Robert Bertrand, congress of Aboriginal People (CAP) OCS20180215 8
19/04/2018 DM level meeeting CanNor/StatCan - April 24 meeting OCS20180222 8
24/04/2018 Reporting to the Public Service Commission on the Appointment Delegation and Accountability Instrument OCS20180230 3
25/04/2018 Trade in services OCS20180232 5
26/04/2018 Exemption request from the Directive on informing survey respondents and the approval of consent for linkage purposes OCS20180238 8
27/04/2018 StatCan HR Data Analytics Open House (Internal) OCS20180240 3
30/04/2018 Canadian Freight Analysis Framework - release March 28, 2018 OCS20180250 5