May 2018 List of Briefing Notes

May 2018 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
02/05/2018 Preparing to meet the Proactive Requirements of Bill C-58 OCS20180252 6
02/05/2018 Shared Services Canda Departmental Integrated Investment Plan OCS20180254 7
03/05/2018 Enabling Functions Transformation OCS20180255 3
07/05/2018 Transfer of Minerals and Metals Production Statistics Program from Natural Resources Canada to Statistics Canada OCS20180261 5
07/05/2018 Response to email regarding ways to improve measuring foreign ownership within the Canadian Housing Statistics Program OCS20180262 5
08/05/2018 Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Demography- April 18-19,2018 OCS20180266 8
14/05/2018 Deputy Ministers' Coordinating Committee (DMCC) on the Investing in Canada Plan (IICP) OCS20180273 5
16/05/2018 Changes to the Building Construction Price Index Program OCS20180278 5
23/05/2018 Approval of a New Mandatory Request for Information:2019 Census of Population's Content and Tests OCS20180288 7
23/05/2018 Status of implementation of the Borbey-Mendelsohn Report on Language of Work OCS20180290 3
24/05/2018 Request for Chief Statistician approval of the completed 2017/2018 Official Development Assistance (ODA) narrative report OCS20180295 6
24/05/2018 Update on HR to Pay OCS20180296 3
24/05/2018 Preparing to meet the Proactive Publication Requirements of Bill C-58 OCS20180299 6
25/05/2018 Digital/Sharing Economy Measurement OCS20180302 5
25/05/2018 Impact on operating budgets of funding programs through reallocations OCS20180303 3
28/05/2018 Authorization of Classification recommendations for Executive (EX) level positions in the Informatics Organization OCS20180307 3
29/05/2018 Official Languages Complaint Regarding Labour Force Survey 2018-1916 EI OCS20180310 3