August 2018 List of Briefing Notes

August 2018 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
13/08/2018 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) small-scale food producers OCS20180423 5
13/08/2018 Potential investigation for concerns raised pursuant to the Public Service Employment Act OCS20180424 3
15/08/2018 Statistics Canada's Quarterly Financial Report for the first quarter of 2018-19 OCS20180426 3
16/08/2018 2019 Government of Canada Data Conference OCS20180428 1
16/08/2018 Communication for 2018 Public Service Employee Survey OCS20180429 3
24/08/2018 Statistics Canada's Annual Report on Travel, Hospitality and Conference Expenditures (2017-2018) OCS20180439 3
29/08/2018 Statistics Canada 2017-2018 Departmental Financial Statements OCS20180442 3
30/08/2018 Rationale for discussion with GAC regarding continued support to PARIS21 OCS20180444 6