September 2018 List of Briefing Notes

September 2018 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
06/09/2018 Transfer of Minerals and Metals Production Statistics Program from Natural Resources Canada to Statistics Canada OCS20180451 5
07/09/2018 Possible Collaboration with the National Research Council (NRC) OCS20180452 5
07/09/2018 Functional areas: comparative analysis of Canada and OECD countries OCS20180457 5
11/09/2018 Public Service Commission System-Wide Staffing Audit Results OCS20180459 3
10/09/2018 PSMAC Sub-Committee on Enterprise Priorities and Planning (DM CEPP)  OCS20180462 7
11/09/2018 Approval of New Mandatory Request for information: 2019 Census of Population's Content and Field Tests OCS20180466 8
11/09/2018 MAiD Notice to the Minister and Advice to the Chief Statistician Mandatory Collection  OCS20180467 8
12/09/2018 CFIA Briefing OCS20180468 5
12/09/2018 Sustainable Delevopment Technology Canada Meeting with President and CEO Leah Lawrence (September 13 2018)  OCS20180469 5
13/09/2018 Approval of a New Mandatory Request for Information:2019 Census of Population's Content and Field Tests OCS20180472 7
14/09/2018 Proactive Disclosure on travel and hospitality expenses OCS20180474 3
18/09/2018 Treasury Board Submission - Enhancing Canada's International Trade and Economic Globalization Statistics OCS20180480 3
18/09/2018 Treasury Board Submission - 2021 Census of Agriculture Program  OCS20180481 3
18/09/2018 Release of the Rebased Population Estimates OCS20180482 8
18/09/2018 Amendments to the Departmental Results Framework 2019-20 (DRF) OCS20180484 3
20/09/2018 Deputy Minister review of the 2019-22 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy OCS20180486 5
20/09/2018 PSMAC - Readiness for Canabis Legislation OCS20180487 3
28/09/2018 Tourism North Initiative: Work with Yukon OCS20180500 8