October 2018 List of Briefing Notes

October 2018 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
02/10/2018 Nominations for 2019 Executive Leadership Development Program, APEX Executive Knowledge Series and Other Targeted Leadership Programs OCS20180505 3
04/10/2018 PSMAC Sub-Committee on Enterprise Priorities and Planning (DM CEPP 2018-09-11) OCS20180512 7
10/10/2018 Approval of a Request for information on Medical assistance in Dying (MAID) information with Health Canada  OCS20180519 8
16/10/2018 Mental Health Performance Measurement Presentation to the Clerk OCS20180524 6
11/10/2018 Treasury Board Submission - 2021 Census of Population Program  OCS20180527 3
11/10/2018 Placing Evidence at the Centre of Program Evaluation and Design  OCS20180528 3
11/10/2018 Update on HR to Pay OCS20180529 3
11/10/2018 Harrassment  OCS20180530 3
17/10/2018 Conference Call on Monday October 22 with Dr. Gary Gillespie, Chief Economist, Government of Scotland  OCS20180537 6
17/10/2018 Meeting with Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency OCS20180539 5
18/10/2018 Preparation for Bilaterial meeting with the Green Budget Coalition OCS20180543 5
23/10/2018 2017-18 Departmental Results Report: Supplementary Information posted online OCS20180546 3
30/10/2018 Treasury Board Submission: The modernization of the Canadian coroner and medical examiner database  OCS20180556 3
30/10/2018 Treasury Board Submission: Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development OCS20180557 3
30/10/2018 Meeting with the CEO of Canada Infrastructure Bank OCS20180559 5
30/10/2018 Beyong 2020  OCS20180560 6