June 2019 List of Briefing Notes

June 2019 List of Briefing Notes
Date received in OCS
Title Tracking Number Field
12/06/2019 2017 CRA Report to Parliament OCS20190279 9
18/06/2019 Statistics Canada - 2018-2019 Annual Report to Parliament on Access to Information and Privacy  OCS20190282 9
04/06/2019 Labour Management consultation Committee Meeting Minutes OCS20190418 9
04/06/2019 The deployment of Rhonda Kropp OCS20190421 9
05/06/2019 Data Sources for the Production of Official Statistics  OCS20190425 6
05/06/2019 Briefing on Virtual Remote Access OCS20190430 8
11/06/2019 The Acting appointment on Mathieu Laporte as Director OCS20190435 3
18/06/2019 Statistics Canada's submission to the 2018-2019 annual report on the operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act OCS20190441 8
07/06/2019 Acting assignment of Linda Howardson-Leo and Julie Bernier as Director Generals OCS20190442 3
14/06/2019 Annual Review: 2018-2019 Achievements for the implementation of section 41 Part VII of the Official Languages Act OCS20190443 multiple
19/06/2019 Suicide among First Nations, Métis, Inuit and non-Indigenous people (2011-2016)  OCS20190464 8
24/06/2019 Background on the Canadian Council of Innovators  OCS20190381 6
25/06/2019 The extension of the acting appointment of Dragos Ifrim as Director OCS20190475 5
28/06/2019 Update: Quarterly Meeting with Ms. Laroche, Deputy Minister, Public Service Accessibility, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat OCS20190480 3
28/06/2019 Update  on connectivity issue at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation OCS20190482 9