2006 Census On-line Recruitment Application - Preliminary privacy impact assessment summary


In order to conduct the 2006 Census of Population and the 2006 Census of Agriculture, Statistics Canada needs to hire additional temporary staff. To facilitate this process, the Agency provides potential employees with the option of making a job application on-line via its Web site.


A Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment (PPIA) was conducted for the 2006 Census On-line Recruitment Application project. The purpose was to determine if there were any confidentiality, privacy or security issues associated with the project and, if so, to make recommendations for their resolution.


The Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment came to the following conclusions:

  • The project does not involve new or increased collection of personal information - a similar on-line service was offered during the 2001 Census.
  • The application requires the collection of less personal information from candidates than was the case in 2001.
  • Persons are advised of alternate means of submitting a job application if they choose not to submit one via the Internet.
  • A Threat and Risk Assessment was undertaken. It did not identify any risks to confidentiality, privacy or security of the personal information collected or used.


A full Privacy Impact Assessment is not required for the 2006 Census On-line Recruitment Application project.

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