Client Relationship Management System - Privacy impact assessment summary


The Client Relationship Management System will improve the level of service provided to Statistics Canada clients by streamlining the methods of operation in fulfilling purchases of products and services from clients and in responding to their enquiries. The CRM will also serve as a central repository of strategic business intelligence at Statistics Canada and ensure the security of client names and contact information by centralizing the information.


A privacy impact assessment for the Client Relationship Management System was conducted to determine if there were any privacy, confidentiality and security issues associated with the system, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


Prior to the development of this system, many divisions within Statistics Canada were individually responsible for their transactions with clients and each maintained databases with client information. Although there were some systems that served a central function in fulfilling client orders, there was no real integration of client information in a secure environment by which business intelligence could be shared throughout the Agency.

The development of the Client Relationship Management System will allow Statistics Canada to manage client relations in a centralized manner in the Agency.

By maintaining a central repository of client information, the security of client information will be enhanced by offering a more secure and integrated approach to both access to, and use of, client information. As well, the implementation strategy has ensured that technical safeguards have been put in place that meet all Government of Canada technology security standards for the protection of personal information.


This assessment of the Client Relationship Management System did not identify any privacy risks that cannot be managed using either current safeguards or others that have been specifically developed for the implementation of the system.

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