Client Relationship Management System - Privacy impact assessment


Since 2007, the Client Relationship Management System (CRMS) has streamlined how Statistics Canada's employees handle and respond to clients' inquiries. This central repository of strategic business intelligence has enabled Statistics Canada to increase its level of service, standardize communication methods with clients and stakeholders across the Agency, and improve the level of protection for all client information.


An assessment of the CRMS was conducted in May 2007, and revised in October 2010. The main purpose of this update, approved in 2012, was to determine if there were any new privacy, confidentiality or security issues related to implementing new modules, and to make recommendations to resolve or mitigate them.


In keeping with the directions of Statistics Canada's Corporate Business Architecture, the expanded use of the CRMS resulted in developing and implementing two new modules in 2011 for

  • the Research Data Centre Program to manage information about outside researchers who are granted access to microdata in the research data centres located in universities across Canada;
  • business survey respondent relations.

CRMS has also incorporated other enhancements to reflect changes in directives and to ensure compliance with industry and governmental policies.


This assessment of the expanded use of the CRMS did not identify any privacy risks that cannot be managed using either current safeguards or other safeguards that have been expressly developed for implementing the specific projects.

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