Finance Service Request Management - Privacy impact assessment


The Finance Service Request Management (FIN-SRM) application will serve as a mechanism for Statistics Canada employees to submit requests related to financial operations, planning and systems. The FIN-SRM is part of the Agency’s Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool (HEAT) Service Request Management application which is also used by various other Statistics Canada divisions including the Informatics Technology Services Division to manage IT-related requests and by the Human Resources Branch to manage compensation and staffing requests. The security model developed for the FIN-SRM will safeguard and protect employees’ personal information and limit the number of people who have access to this information.


A privacy impact assessment for the Finance Service Request Management application was conducted to determine if there were any privacy, confidentiality and security issues, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


Statistics Canada’s Finance, Planning and Evaluation Branch has identified a need to change the process by which employees submit requests to the various sections in the Financial Management Operations and Systems Division (FMOSD) and the Operational Planning and Programming Division (OPPD). In order to streamline the work flow and improve service to clients, modifications are being made to the Agency’s Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool Service Request Management application. This will allow employees to use a common application to submit inquiries electronically to the various FMOSD and OPPD sections as well as allowing them to view the status of their requests.


This privacy impact assessment did not identify any privacy risks that cannot be managed using either current safeguards or others that have been specifically developed for the implementation of the FIN-SRM.

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