Statistics Canada Video Contest – International Year of Statistics 2013 - Privacy impact assessment


As part of the International Year of Statistics 2013, Statistics Canada will hold a video contest for Canadians between the ages of 15 and 21 to give them an opportunity to creatively demonstrate their views on the role and importance of statistics in Canadian society.


A privacy impact assessment for the Statistics Canada Video Contest was conducted to determine if there were any privacy, confidentiality and security issues associated with the website and contest process, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


Residents aged 15 to 21 will be invited to submit videos that demonstrate how they have used Statistics Canada data in their lives and why it is important.

To enter, participants will be asked to provide their name, mailing address, phone number, email address, age and the name of a parent or guardian (if the contestant is not the age of majority in his/her province or territory of residence). This information will be used to correspond with participants as required.

Contest winners will be selected by a panel of Statistics Canada employees. They will be asked to give their consent for their video and names to be published on the Statistics Canada website and YouTube channel. Only the names and videos of the winners would be disclosed.


This assessment of the Statistics Canada Video Contest did not identify any privacy risks that cannot be managed using existing safeguards.

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