Vital Statistics Council for Canada

The Vital Statistics Council for Canada is an inter-jurisdictional advisory group composed of the heads of the vital statistics divisions/agencies from all of the provincial and territorial governments and the Health Statistics Division of Statistics Canada. The Council provides a forum for developing common approaches for collecting vital statistics, sharing information with external parties (e.g., social services departments, law enforcement agencies, individuals) and for facilitating problem solving by sharing experiences, research findings and expertise among the jurisdictions. The Council meets in person once a year at a formal meeting and conducts business throughout the year via regular teleconferences.

The Key Business Functions of the Vital Statistics Council of Canada are to:

  • Exist as a forum to discuss issues around registration and certification of births, deaths, stillbirths and changes of name
  • Facilitate sharing, exchange and retention of information, data and research between jurisdictions
  • Facilitate discussion with a view to creating a uniform approach with regard to governing legislation, data collection and certification of vital events. The group also facilitates the transfer and receipt of national and provincial/territorial data to Statistics Canada
  • Liaise with service providers groups (e.g., physicians, coroners, funeral directors, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, notaries, etc.)
  • Liaise with federal and provincial government departments
  • Liaise with US counterparts:
    • National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS)
    • National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS)