Canadian COVID-19 Antibody and Health Survey


The Canadian COVID-19 Antibody and Health Survey (CCAHS) is a survey designed to help evaluate the extent of the health status associated with the COVID-19 pandemic such as active COVID-19 infections and the prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies among a representative sample of Canadians. The survey also provides a platform to explore emerging public health issues, including the impact of COVID-19 on health and social well-being.

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The CCAHS stores dried blood spot and saliva samples from consenting Canadians aged 18 and older. Additional biospecimens from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) are available on the CHMS Biobank page.


The CCAHS is enhanced by the national, provincial and territorial representability of its cohort and the possibility of merging the biospecimens’ data with the CCAHS questionnaire content, which includes topics covering respondents’ COVID-19 symptoms and status, risk for acquisition, risk factors, health behavior changes related to COVID-19, health assessments, and more.

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By consenting to storage of their dried blood and saliva samples for use in future health studies, participants contribute to advances in health care and research. We ensure scientific excellence while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our respondents.

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If you are feeling stressed because of the CCAHS or the COVID-19 pandemic in general, please visit the following for a list of tips and resources to help with your mental and physical health during these stressful times.

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