Overview of the 2022 International Methodology Symposium

Good policy and informed decisions come from understanding how members of a country’s population are affected by their changing world. The big picture is important, but it sometimes hides inequities and differences that, if not addressed, may make certain groups more challenged than others. There is an increased need for national statistical offices to produce disaggregated statistics; providing information about equity-deserving groups such as visible minority populations, immigrants, seniors, Indigenous peoples and others. The topic is especially relevant given the post-pandemic analyses required by researchers and policymakers, to ensure that groups that have been made vulnerable are not further left behind.

Adaptations to existing methods, as well as the development of new methods, are required by national statistical offices in order to address growing societal needs and to account for finer granularity in all aspects of the data journey. While existing statistical methods provide solutions to some of these new challenges, what additional methods are required to provide accurate and timely disaggregated estimates, and what is the impact on the collection, analysis and dissemination of official statistics?

All members of the statistical community are invited to attend, whether they work in private organizations, governments or academia. The Symposium will include plenary, parallel and poster sessions that cover a wide variety of topics. We are soliciting contributions that examine issues related to data disaggregation. Proposed topics should be included in one or more of the following themes:

  1. Small area estimation in the context of equity-deserving groups
  2. Integrating multiple data sources (including those from probability and non-probability sources)
  3. Innovation in methods for collection and analysis of data for hard-to-reach populations (questionnaire design, non-traditional sampling techniques, issues for rare populations, …)
  4. Adaptations of methods for traditional survey steps (such as sampling, imputation, estimation, coding, classification, measurement errors, record linkage, disclosure control, …)
  5. Methods for Data equity: Issues of ethics and privacy in the application of disaggregated data methods in official statistics
  6. Methods for Data equity: Advances in analysis of populations that have been made vulnerable (such as Fair AI in data science, missing data analysis, …)

Please submit your proposal here by July 15, 2022. All proposals must include the following: a title, an abstract of approximately 250 words (in English or French), the theme(s) targeted, three to six keywords and your full contact information.

Submissions will be evaluated and decisions will be communicated before August 1, 2022. For accepted submissions, a final presentation (in English or French) must be received by September 30, 2022. Please visit our website regularly to receive more detailed and updated information.

The 2022 International Methodology Symposium Organizing Committee
2022 International Methodology Symposium

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