Statistical Geomatics Centre seeking input on Census Geography's products and services

Consultative engagement objectives

The Statistical Geomatics Centre and the Consultative Engagement Team are working together to improve the Census Geography’s line of products and services.

Geography is central to the dissemination of Census-related information, and we would like you to share your experience with us to ensure that our users can leverage and use our substantial library of products and services to their full extent.

Your feedback will have a direct impact on informing the development of better geographical products. We believe that this project will be mutually beneficial to Statistics Canada and its users: catering to your needs ensures that we innovate and stay 'ahead of the curve' in this dynamic geographic ecosystem.

How to get involved

We invite you to visit the geography page at the following link and share your experience by completing the short feedback form: Geography

Statistics Canada will be further engaging with Canadians in late 2022 or early 2023 through virtual group discussions. If you would like to participate, please provide your contact information at the final question of the feedback form.

Individuals who wish to obtain more information on this engagement initiative may contact us by email at

Statistics Canada is committed to respecting the privacy of participants. All personal information created, held or collected by the agency is protected by the Privacy Act. For more information on Statistics Canada's privacy policies, please consult the privacy notice.


Summary results of the engagement initiatives will be published online when available.

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