Website modernization initiative: Text-to-speech feature

Opened: August 2022
Closed: January 2023
Results posted: March 2023

Consultative engagement objectives

Statistics Canada is piloting two text-to-speech (TTS) features on selected pages of its website. TTS is an assistive technology on the rise that provides users with another way to consume the content published online by making it audible.

We collected feedback to help gain an understanding of needs and expectations when using text to speech technology, the tools’ functionalities, and areas in need of improvements.

Consultation methodology

This consultative engagement initiative is now closed.

Statistics Canada conducted virtual group discussions in both official languages with organisations (government and non-government), academics and members of the general public of various age groups. Participants were asked to respond to a series of questions and provide feedback on the TTS features.

How participants got involved

Feedback was sought from visitors to the Statistics Canada website and data users including persons with visual impairments, learning disabilities, cognitive impairments and other accessibility requirements as well as accessibility organizations, multilingual language users, readers looking for convenience, lower literacy readers, and academics.

Also included were Statistics Canada employees, including management, accessibility, and diversity communities.


The consultative engagement revealed that most participants recognised that this tool is and could be useful to Canadians except for those impacted by blindness or living with sight loss. It also provided valuable recommendations on how to improve the TTS feature to be more relevant and user-friendly.

Statistics Canada thanks participants for their involvement in this consultative engagement initiative. Their insights will guide the next phase of this pilot project and we will continue to consult with Canadians if further enhancements are being implemented.

Individuals who wish to obtain more information on this engagement initiative may contact us by email at

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