Statistics Canada is seeking volunteers to participate in qualitative testing of the new Canadian Oral Health Survey

Opened: July 2023

Consultative engagement objectives

Statistics Canada and Health Canada have partnered to conduct the Canadian Oral Health Survey. This annual survey gathers information from Canadians on their oral health, including their ability to pay, challenges finding oral services, experiences with the oral health care system, and care needs. Additionally, the survey collects information on Canadians' knowledge of publicly funded oral health programs and access to dental care expenses and insurance coverage to better understand the state of oral health. 
Results from this survey will be used to inform policies and monitor changes in the oral health of Canadians over time.

How to get involved

Statistics Canada is currently seeking volunteers to help with qualitative testing of the new Canadian Oral Health Survey. We are specifically interested in recruiting English- and French-speaking Canadians, aged 18 years or older, satisfying the following requirements:

  • have one or more children under the age of 18 years;
  • do not have private dental insurance.

The goal is to receive feedback about the questionnaire content to determine if adjustments are required based on participant feedback.

Qualitative testing will take place virtually until Friday, August 11, 2023. Participants will be led through a questionnaire during a timeslot arranged in advance and will be remunerated for their time.

More details will be sent to participants prior to their interview time.

Individuals who wish to obtain more information on this engagement initiative may contact us by email at

Statistics Canada is committed to respecting the privacy of participants. All personal information created, held or collected by the agency is protected by the Privacy Act. For more information on Statistics Canada's privacy policies, please consult the privacy notice.

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