2015 Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition – Questions and answers

  1. 1. What is the 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition?

    The 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey on nutrition is a national health survey. It collects information from Canadians on their eating habits, use of nutritional supplements, and other health factors.

  2. 2. How did you measure the calorie intake?

    All participants completed an initial 24-hour dietary recall and a sample of them completed a second recall three to ten days later. Several steps were used to maximize the recall of food consumed the previous day: a quick list of the foods; questions about specific food categories and frequently forgotten foods; questions about the time and the kind of meal; a precise description of the foods and the quantities consumed; a final review.

  3. 3. Will data from this survey be used to inform the revision of Canada's Food Guide?

    Data from this survey will be used to inform the revision of Canada's Food Guide. For example, Health Canada will use the data to develop the revised Canada's Food Guide pattern (the recommended types and amounts of foods to eat).

  4. 4. Why is it important to conduct a survey on Canadians' nutrition?

    The data collected through the survey will be used by Statistics Canada, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial and territorial ministries of health, as well as federal and provincial health planners across the country, industry and researchers and health professionals. Results from our surveys are used extensively for policy-making and program development that affect Canadian communities.

  5. 5. What is included in nutritional supplements?

    Nutritional supplements considered in this survey are vitamins, minerals, fibre supplements, antacids, fish oils or other oils. This does not include protein shakes and energy drinks, which are measured as part of food consumption.

  6. 6. What is the participation rate?

    The response rate was 62%.

  7. 7. Is the data available at the provincial level?

    Yes. The Canadian Community Health Survey — Nutrition collects detailed data on the consumption of foods and nutritional supplements among a representative sample of Canadians at national and provincial levels.

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