Other recruitment and development programs

Data production/Operations (EC RDP):

Become a member of the team serving Canada with high-quality statistical information that matters. This is an opportunity to acquire experience and develop knowledge in survey processes, systems and methods. You will be member of a challenging development program which includes a variety of training and development activities. Statistics Canada is an employer who believes in the advantages of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We offer interesting career opportunities and rewarding challenges for every employee to reach their full potential.

The EC RDP is approximately a two year program where qualified candidates are appointed to an EC-01 level and based on successful performance may be promoted to the EC-02 level if they meet the requirements of the developmental program. The program combines a series of work assignments in various areas of the Agency as well as specialized training.

Entry into the Data Production and Dissemination and the Operations streams require a successful completion of two years of a post-secondary program with acceptable specialization in social science, statistics, library/archival work or a law-related field. Recruits in these two streams start at the EC-01 level and graduate at the EC-02 level.

The data production and Dissemination and the Operations Economist starts at the step 1 of the pay scale.

FI Recruitment and Development Program (FI RDP):

The Financial Officer Recruitment and Development (FORD) Program recruits eligible university graduates for full-time, entry-level positions in a wide range of departments and agencies throughout the federal government. The Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) and specifically the Office of the Comptroller General manages the program on behalf of government organizations, but it is important to note, that Statistics Canada recruits most of their financial officer from this program.

The FI Recruitment and Development Program (FI RDP) at Statistics Canada is a learning and development program that combines practical on-the-job experience, gained through developmental work assignments and formal training. Recruits generally remain in the program for a minimum of three years.As a qualified financial officer, you’ll be part of a professional team and be able to work in a variety of areas such as budgeting, financial systems, accounting operations, financial policy and costing. As a financial specialist, you will play an important role in strengthening the financial management function through improving financial operations, practices and reporting. This in turn will lead to better decision making and will support organizations in achieving their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Financial officer (FORD) trainees start at step 1 of the FI-01 category pay scale.

For information regarding the education requirements for this position please refer to the FI qualifications standards established by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat:

PE Recruitment and Development Program (PE RDP):

At Statistics Canada, we are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a knowledge-based workforce in the human resources field. Our goal is to work as business partners with our clients, delivering core services and programs that are consistent, strategic, integrated, and responsive to clients’ priorities, while considering our staff’s career development and advancement. To accomplish this, the agency invests in its people through skills training, mentoring and coaching, and exposure to all human resources disciplines.

The objectives of the PE Recruitment and Development Program (PERDP) are to:

  • ensure that the Human Resources Branch has a sustainable workforce that is robust, knowledgeable, competent, and equipped to deliver quality services in a professional and cost-effective manner;
  • help Human Resources Advisor recruits to gain proficiency in an HR discipline with the aid of a supervisor and the insight of a mentor;
  • assist recruits in achieving their career aspirations and in gaining the confidence and skills they need to provide optimum service in a selected HR discipline;
  • provide structure for employees at the PE-01, PE-02 and PE-03 levels in the HR Branch by defining the required combination of experience, knowledge and competencies.

For information in regards to the education requirements for this position please refer to the PE qualifications standards established by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Human Resources Advisor trainees pay scale will start at step 1 of PE-01 pay scale.

Internal Auditor Recruitment and Development (IARD RDP):

The Internal Auditor Recruitment and Development (IARD) stream provides you with the necessary experience and on-the-job training that you require as you pursue a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation.

As an IARD trainee, you will benefit from:

  • The Internal Audit Orientation Workshop offered by the Canada School of Public Service and other training identified by your employer
  • Professional development sessions related to your position
  • A development plan that includes competency-based work objectives and support from more senior staff designed to help you succeed in the IARD Program
  • Promotion to the AS-03 level upon successful demonstration of the required competencies

As a qualified internal auditor, you will be part of a professional, independent and objective appraisal function that works across a variety of program areas and locations, giving you a unique perspective on the organizations where you will be working. Internal auditors contribute to improving risk management, control and governance processes. This in turn helps support organizations in achieving their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Internal audit (IARD) trainees start at step 1 of the AS-02 category pay scale.

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