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Search features

Try also

Screen capture: Try also

Suggests terms used at Statistics Canada and also related search suggestions.

Suggested links

Screen capture: Suggested links

Based on the most popular searches, suggested links provide direct answers and direct sources of information and are located above the search results.

Key indicators

Screen capture: Key indicators

Located above the search results, key indicators provide easy access to Statistics Canada's major economic and social statistics indicators. View all available indicators by selecting the "All indicators" link.

Sort by

Screen capture: Sort by date

The Sort by feature provides three options:

  • Date – sorts results by release date starting with the most recent.
  • Relevance – results are ordered by a combination of where the search term appears in the content, e.g., if it appears in the title, it likely means the product is more relevant to your search; how up to date or new the content in the product is; how popular the product is; and other factors.
  • Title – sorts results alphabetically.

By default, results are sorted by relevance.


Screen capture: View HTML/PDF

The title link to search results goes directly to the html page. To access the catalogue page, select the "Product information" link.

Search commands

Table 1: Search commands
Operation Example Description
Boolean operators
Income AND Labour
+Income +Labour
Both terms must be included in the document.
OR Income OR Labour Either one term or both terms must be included in the document.
Income NOT Labour
Income -Labour
Excludes a term (labour).
By default, the operator for search is AND
Boolean operators must be capitalized
There is no space after the "+" or "-" operators
Phrase search
" " "income in Canada" Quotes are used to tell the search engine which terms must be found together in the document.
* immigr* ➔ immigration, immigrated, immigrating, immigrant, immigrants.
*cipl* ➔ principle and discipline
A wildcard, * is used to replace any number of characters in the search term.
A wildcard can be in any position in a word
Search automatically provides the stemming of a word, e.g., income ➔ incomes
Metadata field searches
title title:"Health Reports" Provides a title search.
There is no space after the colon.
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